C6EZAccel Software Development Tool for TI DSP+ARM Processors C6ACCEL-DSPLIBS (OBSOLETE)

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C6Accel development tool is no longer being developed. For new designs, please consider RCM, or other alternatives such as SysLink, Codec Engine IUNIVERSAL support, or OpenCL. C6Accel is available for download as-is without future feature/bugfix updates.

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Texas Instruments' C6EZAccel is a free software development tool that allows ARM®+DSP SoC developers access to production-ready DSP optimized software. C6EZAccel allows ARM developers to create applications that utilize the computational power of TI’s DSPs without having to learn DSP-specific programming. The tool contains optimized DSP software that enables ARM applications to add DSP acceleration in a conventional ARM development environment. C6EZAccel includes hundreds of core DSP-optimized functions that are useful in various signal processing applications. It simplifies the ARM user experience in leveraging the DSP by providing a library of ARM APIs. These APIs abstract complexities of using the DSP in a multi-core SoC environment.

By using C6EZAccel, an ARM developer can use the DSP as an accelerator and create a more compelling application by adding differentiating features to their application. ARM developers can leverage C6EZAccel with TI’s TMS320C6000™ based devices, such as C6-Integra™ DSP+ARM processors, as well as DaVinci™ digital media processors to enable quick and easy DSP acceleration for any ARM application.

Additional Information

C6EZAccel is an algorithm that adheres to TI's specified algorithm interface called xDAIS (eXpressDSP Algorithm Interoperability Standard). This allows execution of C6EZAccel alongside TI multimedia codecs under TI's framework, Codec Engine. ARM-side APIs enable easy integration with ARM applications and abstract complexities faced in a multi-core environment. DSP kernels included in C6AEZccel are optimized for the DSP core allowing ARM users take advantage of the DSP architecture and performance on their SoC device. Developers can build a DSP accelerated application using C6EZAccel or add differentiating features to their application.

C6EZAccel's simple design and ease of use makes it an ideal tool for SoC developers to leverage the DSP with varying levels of control and flexibility. C6EZAccel design provides a simple mechanism for identification and execution of a functionality to be executed on the DSP. C6EZAccel design supports an efficient chain-based calling mechanism of making multiple DSP calls that increase application efficiency. Asynchronous execution feature of the C6EZAccel APIs enables parallel execution of the ARM and the DSP. This feature helps developers maximize the overall system performance.

The standard C6EZAccel installation includes several signal processing, image processing and math processing kernels that are optimized on for the DSP. Availability of production-ready DSP kernels reduces learning curve and time to market for SoC developers. The tool is also expandable: C6EZAccel xDAIS algorithm code can be used as a template to add custom DSP algorithms that can then be accessed from the ARM application. This algorithm and its ARM-side API library code is available in complete source. The package also includes a sample application to demonstrate the ease of use and performance oriented capabilities of the tool.

You Will Need

The following software packages must be installed to make the best use of the C6EZAccel tool.

  • TI C6000 Code Generation Tools
  • TI DSP/BIOS(tm) Real-Time Kernel
  • TI Codec Engine
  • TI XDC Tools
  • TI Framework components
  • TI DVSDK [Platform dependent]
  • Please refer to release notes for the above components for required version numbers.


Technical Documents
Application notes (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 20 13 Sep 2010
More literature (4)
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Title Type Size (KB) Date
Wiki* 02 May 2011
Wiki* 02 May 2011
Wiki* 02 May 2011
PDF 138 22 Sep 2010

Software (4)

Name Part Number Software Type
C64x+ IQMath Library - A Virtual Floating Point Engine  SPRC542  Software Libraries 
TMS320C6000 DSP Library (DSPLIB)  SPRC265  Software Libraries 
TMS320C6000 Image Library (IMGLIB)  SPRC264  Software Libraries 
TMS320C674x DSP Library  SPRC900  Software Libraries 

Development Tools (3)

Name Part Number Tool Type
C6EZFlo Graphical Development Tool for TMS320C6000 Devices  C6FLO-DSPTOOL  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 
C6EZRun Software Development Tool for TI DSP+ARM Devices  C6RUN-DSPARMTOOL  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  CCSTUDIO  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 

TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
TMS320DM6446  DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320DM6467  Digital Media System-on-Chip  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320DM6467T  Digital Media System-on-Chip  Digital signal processors (DSP) 

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