Fusion Digital Power Studio
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The Fusion Digital Power Studio supports the UCD3138x family, UCD3020, and UCD3028. For TPSx and UCD9x devices, please use the Fusion Digital Power Designer.

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Fusion Digital Power Studio


ACTIVE 3.0.42   27-NOV-2019  


Fusion Digital PowerTM Studio incorporates software tools for Texas Instruments' UCD3138 Integrated Digital Controller family.   Fusion Digital Power helps power supply engineers to gain benefits of digital power without learning complex programming skills. Fusion Digital Power is an intuitive tool that helps assist in the evaluation phase, the development phase, and the testing phase of the design.

Fusion Digital Power consists of various tools designed to help engineers through evaluation stage, design stage of a digital power supply design systems:

Tools for Firmware Development:

  • Memory debugger
    • Dynamically parses the compiled output memory maps
    • Provides Register and variable read/write access
  • SMBus Debug
    • Read/Write data by sending i2c commands
  • Firmware download
    • Data Flash
    • Program Flash
  • Peek/Poke
    • read/Write data at specific addresses
  • Checksum operations
    • Read
    • Write
    • Calculate
    • Validate

Tools for Real Time and Offline Configuration and Monitoring

  • Select EVM topologies and customize them by configuring the schematic and PMBus settings
    • Some topologies included are:
      • LLC
      • PSFB
      • HSFB
      • PFC
  • Simulate Power stage and conpensator to desired loop performance and write coefficients to the device using:
    • PID
    • Real Zeros
    • Complex Zeros
    • Bode/Phase plots
  • Save PMBus settings to a .xml file and work in an offline mode or import to another device
  • Configure PMBus commands such as:
    • VOUT COMMAND - ex. 300 V
    • VOUT Over Voltage Warning - 320 V
    • VOUT Over Voltage Fault - 340 V
  • View telemetry monitoring graphs such as:
    • Vin
    • Vout
    • Iin
    • Iout
    • Temp
  • Send commands to the device:
    • Turn on/off power supply output
    • Write configuration to the device
    • Etc.
  • Continuously observe fault status:
    • Over Voltage Fault
    • Over Voltage Warning
    • Etc.
  • Tools to aid production:
    • Export flash
    • Conversion between SREC, x0, Intel Hex
  • Command Line Tools:
    • Export flash
    • Firmware download
    • Flash conversion to .x0, SREC, HEX
    • Write PMBus configuration from previously saved .xml

In production, command line tools can be incorporated into automated testers. TI also provides the TI Manufacturing GUI (MFR GUI) which is a light weight tool with an easy to user interface designed for production environments limiting a worker’s ability to corrupt the device. For example, a manufacturing site will simply install the MFR GUI and execute a factory script given to them. The script is also developed with the MFR GUI but in a password protected mode that is unknown to the manufacturer.

Download Fusion Digital Power Studio today to get started designing with UCD3138 based power supply!

Technical Documents
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PDF 41673 24 Jun 2019

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UCD3020  Fully Programmable Digital Power Controller with up to Two Regulated Outputs and Six DPWM Outputs  Digital power 
UCD3028  Fully Programmable Digital Power Controller with up to Two Regulated Outputs and Eight DPWM Outputs  Digital power 
UCD3138  Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power with 3 Feedback Loops and 8 DPWM Outputs  Digital power 
UCD3138064  Highly-Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power with 64kB Memory  Digital power 
UCD3138064A  Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power  Digital power 
UCD3138128  Highly-Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power  Digital power 
UCD3138128A  Highly-Integrated Digital Controller For Isolated Power  Digital power 
UCD3138A  UCD3138A Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power  Digital power 
UCD3138A64  Highly-Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power  Digital power 

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