TI GStreamer DMAI Plug-In for DaVinci and OMAP Processors


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GStreamer DMAI Plug-In for DM355, DM365, DM357, DM6446, DM6467 and OMAP35x Processors


ACTIVE v1.10.00.00  04 NOV 2009  PC  Linux  GStreamer is an open source pipeline-based multimedia framework that allows you to create a variety of media-handling software components.. 


TI GStreamer DMAI Plug-In for OMAP™ and DaVinci™ Processors - GStreamer is a pipeline-based multimedia framework that allows you to create a variety of media-handling software components, including simple audio playback, audio and video playback, recording, streaming, and editing. The pipeline design allows you to easily write any type of streaming multimedia application. GStreamer also provides existing libraries and plug-ins for features such as A/V synchronization, muxing/demuxing, etc. Using GStreamer allows you to leverage all of this existing code in your product.

However, existing open source plugins do not leverage the DSP and accelerator modules on TI hardware. Leveraging these resources allows the system to perform labor-intensive operations while consuming fewer ARM cycles. This leaves the ARM processor free to perform other tasks in parallel.

In order to enable full use of the hardware there is no need to significantly modify GStreamer to support TI platforms. Leveraging the hardware only requires writing a plugin.
By providing a plugin that provides access to the hardware the user is able to:
1. Focus development efforts on "WOW" features of an application rather than spending time on base functionality.
2. Enable DaVinci and OMAP devices to use existing applications built on top of GStreamer.
3. Leverage the modular design to decrease the time required to develop new applications and enable more re-use of existing code.


Additional Infomation:

Related literature: Available at the GStreamer wiki


The TI GStreamer plug-in uses DMAI to make access to the underlying hardware and DSP easy. GStreamer is run as an application on the ARM processor and through the use of DMAI is able to interact with the DSP or acceleration modules for encoding and decoding work. DMAI also provides portability of the code from one processor to another with minimal code changes. DMAI also takes care of using various hardware modules on the SoC to performs tasks such as frame copies using hardware acceleration.

Technical Documents
  • Click GET SOFTWARE button (above) to access GStreamer project including documentation.

TI Devices (6)

Part Number Name Product Family
OMAP3530  Applications Processor  Media Processors 
TMS320DM355  Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC)  Media Processors 
TMS320DM357  Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC)  Media Processors 
TMS320DM365  DaVinci Digital Media Processor  Media Processors 
TMS320DM6446  DaVinci Digital Media System-on-Chip  Media Processors 
TMS320DM6467  Digital Media System-on-Chip  Media Processors 

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