C2000 Delfino MCUs F28377S LaunchPad Development Kit
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LAUNCHXL-F28377S is a low cost evaluation and development tool for the Delfino F2837xS series in the TI MCU LaunchPad ecosystem which is compatible with various plug-on BoosterPacks.  This extended version of the LaunchPad supports the connection of two BoosterPacks. The LaunchPad provides a standardized and easy to use platform to use while developing your next application.


Hardware features

  • USB connected isolated XDS100v2 JTAG debug probe for real-time debug and flash programming
  • 4x 20-pin headers/connectors
  • Programmable buttons and LEDs
  • TMS320F28377S: 200 MHz C28xCPU and CLA, 1 MB Flash, 16-bit/12-bit ADCs, comparators, 12-bit DACs, delta-sigma sync filters, HRPWMs, eCAPs, eQEPs, CANs, and more.
  • Supports two BoosterPacks

Software features

Recommended BoosterPacks

Get started

  • Install Code Composer Studio and C2000Ware
  • Connect the LaunchPad using the included mini-USB cable to a computer
  • Open a serial terminal program of your choice (Putty, HyperTerm, etc.) and configure it to access the LaunchPad virtual COM port with 115200 Baud, 8-bit data, No parity, and single stop Bit. The COM port number can be found by opening your computer’s Device Manager
  • When connected to your computer, the LaunchPad will power up and flash the red and blue LEDs for approximately 3 seconds. After the LEDs complete flashing, the LaunchPad will enter an ADC sample mode
  • The terminal will display the latest ADC sample reading based on ADCIN14 (Pin 23 of the BoosterPack header) at a one second interval. If the sample is below mid-scale (1.5V/2048) the blue LED (D10) will light
    • If the sample is above mid-scale the red LED (D9) will light
  • Build and load other examples in C2000Ware
  • Ask questions on the TI C2000 e2e forum

What's Included

TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.

Watch a technical overview of the F28377S LaunchPad

See a demonstration of PWM generation and ADC reading.

Technical Documents
Datasheet (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 2912 16 Nov 2018
Errata (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 234 16 Nov 2018
Application notes (2)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 31 11 Jun 2019
PDF 384 11 Feb 2016
User guides (5)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 751 20 Mar 2019
PDF 16534 07 Mar 2019
PDF 14786 15 Jan 2019
PDF 12701 15 Aug 2017
PDF 12330 25 Sep 2015
White papers (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 1378 09 May 2017
More literature (1)
Title Type Size (KB) Date
PDF 2707 28 May 2015

Software (3)

Name Part Number Software Type
C2000 DesignDRIVE Software for Industrial Drives and Motor Control  DESIGNDRIVE  Application Software & Frameworks 
C2000Ware for C2000 MCUs  C2000WARE  Software Libraries 
controlSUITE™ Software Suite: Software and Development Tools for C2000™ Microcontrollers  CONTROLSUITE  Software Libraries 

Development Tools (2)

Name Part Number Tool Type
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C2000 Microcontrollers  CCSTUDIO-C2000  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 
powerSUITE - Digital Power Supply Design Software Tools for C2000™ MCUs  POWERSUITE  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules  ( 11 )

Name Part Number Tool Type
C2000 Delfino MCU F28379D LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-F28379D  Development Kits 
C2000 DesignDRIVE Development Kit for Industrial Motor Control  TMDXIDDK379D  Development Kits 
C2000 LED BoosterPack  BOOSTXL-C2KLED  Development Kits 
C2000 Piccolo MCU F28027 LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-F28027  Development Kits 
24V AC Induction Motor  LVACIMTR  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
C2000 Piccolo MCU F28027F LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-F28027F  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
C2000 Piccolo MCU F28069M LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-F28069M  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
DRV8305N 3-Phase Motor Drive BoosterPack Evaluation Module  BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack  BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
Low Voltage Servo Motor - Low voltage servo (encoder) motor and wiring harness  LVSERVOMTR  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
Motor Drive BoosterPack featuring DRV8301 and NexFET™ MOSFETs  BOOSTXL-DRV8301  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
TMS320F28377D  Delfino™ 32-bit MCU with 800 MIPS, 2xCPU, 2xCLA, FPU, TMU, 1024 KB Flash, EMIF, 16b ADC  Microcontrollers (MCU) 
TMS320F28377D-EP  Enhanced Product Dual-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Microcontrollers (MCU) 
TMS320F28377S  Delfino™ 32-bit MCU with 400 MIPS, 1xCPU, 1xCLA, FPU, TMU, 1024 KB Flash, EMIF, 16b ADC  Microcontrollers (MCU) 

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