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The Replicator for MSP430 microcontrollers based on TI's MSP430 Memory Programming User's Guides contains a MSP430F5437 MCU with 256 kB of flash memory. Hardware allows setting Vcc from 2.1V to 3.6V. It can be supplied from an external power supply or from the target device. The hardware supports JTAG, SBW and the BSL interface with capability to blow the security fuse. In addition it also can be used as an evaluation board for the MSP430F5437 MCU.

The MSP430 Programming Via the JTAG Interface User's Guide (SLAU320) documents the JTAG communication protocol that allows erasing, program and verifying the MSP430 MCU via JTAG or Spy-Bi-Wire communication protocol.

The MSP430 Programming Via the Bootstrap Loader (BSL) User's Guide (SLAU319) documents the BSL communication protocol that allows programming and verifying the MSP430 MCU even if JTAG communication is no longer possible, due to a blown security fuse or JTAG password protection.

Complete C source code and project files are provided by Texas Instruments here:

  • Contains an MSP430F5437 as a host MCU with 256 kB of flash for saving firmware and code
  • Supports all MSP430 flash-based & FRAM-based devices. There are specific software projects for the following target device Replicator implementations:
    • All 4-wire JTAG, MSP430 architecture devices (includes Spy-Bi-Wire devices when programmed in 4-wire mode)
    • Spy-Bi-Wire: 2-wire interface implementation for Spy-Bi-Wire devices only
    • MSP430X: For 4-wire MSP430X extended architecture devices only
    • MSP430Xv2: For MSP430Xv2 (5xx Family) extended architecture devices only (includes both 4-wire JTAG and Spy-Bi-Wire implementation)
  • Program code size: approximately 200kB
  • Speed (Erase, Program, Verify): approximately 8 KB in 1.5s, 48 KB in 8s
  • Verify and erase check: 17 KB/10 ms
  • JTAG access fuse (permanently disables device memory access via JTAG)
  • Stand-alone target programming operation (no PC or additional hardware/software required)
  • Target Vcc adjustable from 2.1V to 3.6V in 0.1V steps/li>
  • Power supply via external power supply (8V to 10V) or from target device (2.5V-3.6V)
  • JTAG, SBW and BSL interface support with capability to blow the security fuse

What's Included
  • REP430F memory programming reference hardware

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Replicator for MSP430 MCU


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