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The Delfino F28379D controlCARD from Texas Instruments is Position Manager-ready and an ideal product for initial software development and short run builds for system prototypes, test stands, and many other projects that require easy access to high-performance controllers.  All C2000 controlCARDs are complete board-level modules that utilize a HSEC180 or DIMM100 form factor to provide a low-profile single-board controller solution. The host system needs to provide only a single 5V power rail to the controlCARD for it to be fully functional.

  • Supports the new DesignDRIVE Position Manager Technology - EnDat22, BiSS-C, SIN/COS, Resolver and incremental encoders when used with the IDDK

What's Included

  • TMDSCNCD28379D - C2000 Real-time MCU control card
  • Projects downloadable in controlSUITE

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F28379D controlCARD for C2000 Real time control development kits



TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Modules apply.

Technical Documents
Datasheet (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 2280 06 May 2016
Errata (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 169 21 Jul 2016 2,419
User guides (9)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 2148 09 Nov 2015 551
PDF 23541 09 Nov 2015 612
PDF 329 05 Nov 2015 453
PDF 1196 05 Nov 2015 246
PDF 1104 05 Nov 2015 319
PDF 3980 05 Nov 2015 211
PDF 14098 25 Sep 2015 7,526
PDF 1586 21 May 2015 1,019
PDF 24414 21 May 2015 1,223
White papers (1)
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PDF 650 01 Apr 2014 756
More literature (1)
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PDF 275 23 Apr 2014 728

Software (2)

Name Part Number Software Type
C2000 DesignDRIVE Software for Industrial Drives and Motor Control  DESIGNDRIVE  Application Software & Frameworks 
controlSUITE™ Software Suite: Essential Software and Development Tools for C2000™ Microcontrollers  CONTROLSUITE  Software Libraries 

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules (4)

Name Part Number Tool Type
C2000 DesignDRIVE Develoment Kit for Industrial Motor Control  TMDXIDDK379D  Development Kits 
F28379D Delfino Experimenter Kit  TMDSDOCK28379D  Development Kits 
C2000 Delfino MCUs F28377S LaunchPad Development Kit  LAUNCHXL-F28377S  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
C2000 DesignDRIVE Development Kit for Industrial Motor Control  TMDXIDDK377D  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

TI Devices (16)

Part Number Name Product Family
AMC1304M25  Reinforced Isolated Modulator with LDO Regulator, ±250mV Input, and CMOS Interface  Analog to Digital Converter 
ISO7220C  Dual Channel, 2/0, 25Mbps Digital Isolator  Isolation 
OPA4350  High-Speed, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers MicroAmplifier(TM) Series  Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) 
REF5030  Low Noise, Very Low Drift, Precision VOLTAGE REFERENCE  Voltage Reference 
SN65HVD3088E  Low-power Half-duplex RS-485 Transceiver  Interface 
SN74ALVC244  Octal Buffer/Driver With 3-State OUtputs  Buffer/Driver/Transceiver 
SN74LVC2G07  Dual Buffer/Driver with Open-Drain Output  Logic 
TMS320F28379D  Dual-Core Delfino Microcontroller  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28379S  Single-Core Delfino Microcontrollers  Real-time Control 
TPD2E001  Low-Capacitance 2-Channel +/-15kV ESD Protection Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces  ESD Protection Diodes 
TPD4E001-Q1  Automotive Low-Capacitance 4-Channel +/-15-kV ESD Protection Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces  ESD Protection Diodes 
TPD4S012  4-Channel USB ESD Solution with Power Clamp  ESD Protection Diodes 
TPS2051B  Single, Current-Limited, Power-Distribution Switch  USB Power and Charging Port Controllers 
TPS3702  High-Accuracy, Fixed-Threshold OV/UV Monitor  Power Management 
TPS62420  Dual, Adjustable, 600mA and 1000mA, 2.25MHz Step-Down Converter with 1-Wire Interface in QFN   Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS730  Low-Noise, High PSRR, RF 200-mA Low-Dropout Linear Regulators  Linear Regulator (LDO) 
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