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The TMS320C6748 DSP development kit (LCDK) is a scalable platform that breaks down development barriers for applications that require embedded analytics and real-time signal processing, including biometric analytics, communications and audio. The low-cost LCDK will also speed and ease your hardware development of real-time DSP applications. This new board reduces design work with freely downloadable and duplicable board schematics and design files. A wide variety of standard interfaces for connectivity and storage enable you to easily bring audio, video and other signals onto the board.

The LCDK does not have an onboard emulator. An external emulator from TI or a third-party will be required to start development.

The TMDSLCDK6748 replaces the TMDXLCDK6748 with the same performance, price and features.  It available on a limited quantity basis as inventory ramps.

  • Integrated floating-/fixed-point DSP with up to 456 MHz performance
  • Software, expansion headers, schematics and application demos
  • SDKs, DSP/BIOS RTOS, drivers, stacks and protocol, algorithm libraries, flash and boot utilities and StarterWare

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TMS320C6748 DSP Development Kit (LCDK)


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RTOS Processor SDK for OMAP-L138, OMAP-L132 and C6748, C6746, C6742


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Technical Documents
Datasheet (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views TI Recommends
PDF 1970 31 Jan 2017
Design files (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
ZIP 4387 29 May 2015 0

Software (2)

Name Part Number Software Type
SYS/BIOS and Linux Multicore Software Development Kits (MCSDK) for C66x, C647x, C645x Processors  BIOSLINUXMCSDK  Software Development Kits (SDK) 
TMS320C6748 SYS/BIOS Software Development Kit (SDK)  BIOSSW-C6748  Software Development Kits (SDK) 

TI Devices (5)

Part Number Name Product Family
OMAP-L132  C6000 DSP+ARM Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
OMAP-L138  C6000 DSP+ARM Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320C6742  Fixed/Floating Point Digital Signal Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320C6746  Fixed/Floating Point Digital Signal Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320C6748  Fixed/Floating Point Digital Signal Processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 

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