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For Bluetooth 5 and 4.2 development, TI recommends the CC2640R2 LaunchPad development kit featuring the CC2640R2F wireless MCU.

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The new SensorTag IoT kit invites you to realize your cloud-connected product idea. The new SensorTag now includes 10 low-power MEMS sensors in a tiny red package. And it is expandable with DevPacks to make it easy to add your own sensors or actuators.


Connect to the cloud with Bluetooth low energy and get your sensor data online in 3 minutes. The SensorTag is ready to use right out the box with an iOS and Android app, with no programming experience required to get started.

The new SensorTag is based on the CC2650 wireless MCU, offering 75% lower power consumption than previous Bluetooth low energy products. This allows the SensorTag to be battery powered, and offer years of battery lifetime from a single coin cell battery.

The Bluetooth low energy SensorTag includes iBeacon technology. This allows your phone to launch applications and customize content based on SensorTag data and physical location.

Additionally, the SensorTag can be enabled with ZigBee®/6LoWPAN technology.

Visit for more information and to download software and design files.

  • More sensors!
    • Adds support for more low power sensors
    • 10 sensors including support for light, digital microphone, magnetic sensor, humidity, pressure, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, object temperature, and ambient temperature
  • Lower power
    • Longer battery life from your coin cell and enabler of battery less applications
  • High performance ARM Cortex M3 (CC2650)
  • Cloud connectivity
    • Access and control your SensorTag from anywhere
    • Seamless integration with mobile apps
  • DevPacks allows you to expand the SensorTag to fit your designs
    • Interchangeable between all SensorTag types
  • Complete development system
    • Expandable with $15 debug DevPack
    • Code Composer Studio compiler license included
  • Extreme flexibility for IoT applications
    • Enable ZigBee or 6LoWPAN through a firmware upgrade

What's Included

  • Simplelink Bluetooth low energy SensorTag featuring the CC2650 wireless MCU
  • CR2032 battery
  • Quick Start Guide
  • iOS and Android app, downloadable from App Store and Google Play

Cloud-based Development Tools

Begin development immediately with TI’s cloud-based development tools. Resource Explorer allows you to browse available examples and documentation. Use the CCS Cloud IDE to get started with building projects.

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SimpleLink™ Bluetooth low energy/Multi-standard SensorTag


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Technical Documents
Solution guides (2)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 3639 25 Aug 2016 10,047
PDF 9416 22 Jul 2015 1,851
White papers (2)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 775 25 Aug 2016 2,174
PDF 1010 08 Mar 2016 1,825
Design files (4)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 52 16 Feb 2018 1,882
PDF 78 16 Feb 2018 4,626
ZIP 2018 16 Feb 2018 1,149
ZIP 7739 03 Sep 2015 1,006
More literature (6)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 1439 28 Oct 2016 1,104
PDF 437 12 Apr 2016 655
PDF 242 08 Mar 2016 3,773
PDF 266 16 Feb 2016 2,633
PDF 1852 10 Feb 2015 716
PDF 2312 10 Feb 2015 707

Software (3)

Name Part Number Software Type
Bluetooth low energy software stack  BLE-STACK  Software Libraries 

Development Tools (4)

Name Part Number Tool Type
SmartRF Studio  SMARTRFTM-STUDIO  Calculation Tools 
SmartRF Flash Programmer  FLASH-PROGRAMMER  Flash Programming Tools 
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Wireless Connectivity  CCSTUDIO-WCS  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 
Sensor Controller Studio  SENSOR-CONTROLLER-STUDIO  SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers 

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules (3)

Name Part Number Tool Type
CC2650 Smart RF06 Development Kit  CC2650DK  Development Kits 
SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy CC2640R2F wireless MCU LaunchPad™ development kit  LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2  Development Kits 
SimpleLink SensorTag Debugger DevPack  CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
SimpleLink™ Bluetooth Smart® SensorTag Reference Design  CC2650STK-RD  Reference Designs 

TI Devices (6)

Part Number Name Product Family
CC2620  SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU for RF4CE  Wireless Connectivity 
CC2640  SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU for Bluetooth low energy  Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 
CC2650  SimpleLink multi-standard 2.4 GHz ultra-low power wireless MCU  Multi-Standard 
HDC1000  Low Power, 3% Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Integrated Temperature Sensor  Sensing Products 
OPT3001  Digital Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) With High-Precision Human-Eye Response   Optical Sensors 
TS5A3159  1-Ohm SPDT Analog Switch  Switches and Multiplexers 

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