Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3100 BoosterPack™ plug-in module


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This advanced emulation BoosterPack™ plug-in module is an accessory for the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3100 wireless network processor BoosterPack plug-in module

This accessory can be used for:

  1. Flashing updates to the CC3100BOOST
  2. Using the CC3100 radio tool for RF performance evaluation
  3. Using SimpleLink™ Studio for CC3100 for MCU software development – PC tool, documents and example applications can be found in the CC3100 software development kit (SDK)

This kit can be purchased in three configurations:

  1. CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP430F5529LP: run all software in the CC3100 SDK and develop on the MSP430F5529 MCU
  2. CC3100BOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST:  used for any CC3100 development
  3. CC31XXEMUBOOST: standalone kit for development separate from the CC3100 BoosterPack

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 solution provides the flexibility to add Wi-Fi to any microcontroller (MCU). This Internet-on-a-chip™ solution contains all you need to easily create IoT solutions – security, quick connection, cloud support, publicly available documentation, E2E support forums and more. For more information on CC3100, visit




  • FTDI debug support
  • Enables enumeration SPI & GPIO for SimpleLink Studio for CC3100
  • Enumerates COM port for flashing
  • Enables network processor logger output (TX only)
  • 2 USB ports
  • BoosterPack headers


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Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack plug-in module


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SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack and Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack Bundle


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SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack, Advanced Emulation BoosterPack for SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack, and MSP-EXP430F5529 LaunchPad Bundle


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Technical Documents
More literature (2)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 62 02 Dec 2016 20
PDF 542 07 Sep 2016 2,454

Software (2)

Name Part Number Software Type
SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 Software Development Kit (SDK)  CC3100SDK  Software Development Kits (SDK) 

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules (2)

Name Part Number Tool Type
MSP432P401R LaunchPad  MSP-EXP432P401R  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3100 wireless network processor BoosterPack™ plug-in module  CC3100BOOST  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

Reference Designs (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 BoosterPack Reference Design  CC3100BOOST-RD  Reference Designs 

TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
CC3100  SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Network Processor, Internet-of-Things Solution for MCU Applications  Wi-Fi 
CC3100MOD  SimpleLink Certified Wi-Fi Network Processor, Internet-of-Things Module Solution for MCU Application  Wi-Fi 
CC3120  SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Wireless Network Processor, Internet-of-Things Solution for MCU Applications  Wi-Fi 

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