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Stellaris evaluation kits provide a low cost, effective means of evaluating Stellaris Family microcontrollers. Evaluation kits focus on a single set of tools and a single Stellaris family member.

For kit-specific documentation and software, please refer to the individual kit links in the table below:

LM3S811 Evaluation Kits (EK-LM3S811)
Keil Tools IAR Tools CodeSourcery Tools Code Red Technologies Tools Code Composer Studio Tools
Features an evaluation version of the Keil RealView Microcontroller Development Kit software tool. Features the IAR Embedded Workbench-KickStart edition, a 32 KB-limited evaluation version of the IAR Embedded Workbench. Features a 30-day evaluation version of CodeSourcery's SourceryG++ professional-quality GNU tool chain including optimized drivers for debug through serial wire debug. Features a 60-day evaluation version of Code Red Technologies tools. Features a board-locked, fully functional version of Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
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Kit Overview

Measuring just 3.5" by 1.5", the Stellaris LM3S811 Evaluation Kit is exceptional for its compactness and versatility, spanning the design spectrum from evaluation to prototyping to application-specific design by functioning as both an evaluation platform for the Stellaris LM3S811 microcontroller and a serial in-circuit debug interface for any Stellaris microcontroller-based target board. The kit features:

  • LM3S811 Evaluation Board
  • 50 MHz Stellaris LM3S811 ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontroller
  • 96x16 pixel OLED display
  • User-programmable push button and LED
  • Convenient reset push button and power indicator LED
  • Thumbwheel potentiometer input to the on-chip ADC
  • Serial in-circuit debug interface over USB
  • Stellaris Peripheral Driver Library, which provides a convenient, no-hassle method of initializing, programming, and controlling peripherals on Stellaris microcontrollers
  • Stellaris CD packed with:
    • Evaluation version of the software tools
    • Complete documentation: datasheets, schematics, applications notes, and programming examples
    • Quickstart guide
    • Quickstart application source code
    • StellarisWare® Peripheral Driver Library and example source code
    • Port and example application using FreeRTOS.org™ small footprint real time operating system

Technical Documents
User Guides (1)
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PDF 624 06 Jan 2010 289
Selection Guides (2)
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PDF 4641 12 Apr 2013 5,311
PDF 6983 16 Aug 2011 408
More Literature (1)
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PDF 100 09 Feb 2010 84
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