ONET-10G-EVM: 10.3125Gbps SFP+ LR リファレンス・デザイン評価ボード

(供給中) ONET-10G-EVM






The Texas Instruments 10.3125Gbps SFP+ LR Reference Design evaluation board was designed to demonstrate the optical performance of the ONET1151L laser driver, the ONET8551T high gain Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA) and the ONET1151P Limiting Amplifier. The ONET1151L is used to drive a 1310nm DFB laser in an LC TOSA (Transmit Optical Sub-Assembly). The ONET1151P is used to amplify the signal from the PIN-TIA LC ROSA (Receive Optical Sub-Assembly) which contains the ONET8551T TIA. An MSP430FR5728 microcontroller (MCU) is used to control the setup of the ONET1151L and ONET1151P, in conjunction with a graphical user interface (GUI), and store the register settings in FRAM. The TPS82693 high-efficiency MicroSiP step-down converter is used to supply 2.85V to the ICs to reduce the module power dissipation. This design is a functional SFP+ module used to demonstrate the performance of the transmitter and receiver. Digital diagnostics and temperature compensation of the laser driver modulation current are not included.



  • Enables <1W 10GBASE LR SFP+ Transceiver
    • Reduced component power consumption (<1W)
    • Low power supply voltage (2.85V)
    • High mask margin for both receiver and transmitter
  • Reduces Customer Evaluation Time
    • Includes SFP+ Host Board and User-Friendly GUI

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ONET-10G-EVM: 10.3125Gbps SFP+ LR リファレンス・デザイン評価ボード



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TI デバイス (3)

型番 名前 製品ファミリ
ONET1151L  11.3 Gbps 低消費電力レーザー・ダイオード・ドライバ  光学ネットワーク IC 
ONET1151P  11.3 Gbps 制限アンプ  光学ネットワーク IC 
ONET8551T  11.3 Gbps、リミッティング・トランスインピーダンス・アンプ、RSSI 付き  光学ネットワーク IC 


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