6.4-GHz Low Power Wideband RF Synthesizer with Phase Synchronization and JESD204B Support


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This Evaluation Module is for the LMX2572, which is a low-power high-performance wideband synthesizer that can generate any frequency from 13 MHz to 6.4 GHz without using an internal doubler. The PLL delivers excellent performance while consuming just 75 mA from a single 3.3-V supply. This device supports JESD204B standard (it can generate or repeat the SYSREF signal) which makes it ideal to clock high speed data converters. By providing a SYNC signal, the user can synchronize the output phase across multiple LMX2572 devices. LMX2572 can also generate a frequency ramp which can be demonstrated in this evaluation module. Furthermore, LMX2572 supports direct digital FSK modulation. The serial interface can be configured as a SPI or I2S interface for this purpose. The kitted Refernce Pro module is used to provide a clean reference clock as well as to program the LMX2572 evaluation module.

  • 13-MHz to 6.4-GHz Output Frequency
  • -106 dBc/Hz Phase Noise at 100 kHz Offset with 6.4 GHz Carrier
  • 75 mA operation current with one direct VCO output
  • Two differential outputs with programmable output power
  • This EVM has the complete circuit for the synthesizer, optimized and tested for performance, and includes a USB programming module

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