Power Solution for Terasic DE2-115 (Cyclone IV)


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The PMP10581 reference design provides all the power supply rails necessary to power Altera’s Cyclone® IV E FPGA. DE2-115 was developed by Terasic and this board is available for purchase through Terasic’s website.


• Provides all the power supply rails needed to power Altera's Cyclone® IV E FPGA
• Integrated inductor devices help reduce design time and layout costs
• DC/DC Contorller is used for higher current solution to provide higher efficiency
• Tested and proven solution


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SN74HC245  Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs  Transceivers  Sample & Buy Not Available
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TPS84620  4.5-V to 14.5-V Input, 6-A Synchronous Buck, Integrated Power Solution  Non-Isolated Module  Sample & Buy Not Available

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PDF 9019 27 Jan 2015 95
PDF 998 27 Jan 2015 13
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PDF 189 27 Jan 2015 18
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PDF 1744 27 Jan 2015 43

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