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TMS320C64x Image Library

ACTIVE v1.04b   03 NOV 2003   Win NT/98/2000   PC   An optimized general-purpose image/video processing library for C64x devices for computationally intensive real-time applications.  


The DSP Image/Video Processing Library (IMGLIB) contains software code that is highly optimized for C6000™ DSPs and is compiled with the latest revision of the C6000 DSP code-generation compile tools. These imaging functions support a wide range of applications that include compression, video processing, machine vision and medical imaging. The functions listed in the features section are specifically optimized for the C64x™ DSPs.

Compression Analysis Filtering/format conversion
fdct_8x8 boundary conv_3x3
idct_8x8 dilate_bin corr_gen
mad_8x8 erode_bin errdif_bin
mad_16x16 histogram median_3x3
quantize perimeter pix_expand
wave_horz sobel pix_sat
wave_vert thr_gt2max yc_dmux_be16
mpeg2_vld_inter thr_gt2thr yc_dmux_le16
mpeg2_vld_intra thr_le2min ycbcr422p_rgb565
sad_8x8 thr_le2thr conv_3x3

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TMS320TCI6482  Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor  Processors 

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