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The TAS5508-5142K7EVM PurePath Digital™ customer evaluation amplifier module demonstrates two audio integrated circuits, TAS5508B and TAS5142, from Texas Instruments (TI).

The TAS5508BPAG is a high-performance 32-bit (24-bit input) multichannel PurePath Digital pulse width modulator (PWM) based on Equibit™ technology, with a fully symmetrical AD modulation scheme. It accepts an input sample rate from 32 kHz to 192 kHz. The device also has digital audio processing (DAP) that provides 48-bit signal processing, advanced performance, and a high level of system integration. The device has interfaces for headphone output and power supply volume control (PSVC).

The TAS5142DKD is a compact, high-power, digital amplifier power stage designed to drive a 4-Ohm loudspeaker up to 100 W/10% THD+N. It contains integrated gate drivers, four matched and electrically isolated enhancement-mode N-channel power DMOS transistors, and protection/fault-reporting circuitry.

The DKD package has a PowerPAD™ on the top side for heat transfer through a heat sink. The heat sink in this design is for evaluation purposes only.

This EVM, together with a TI input-USB board, is a complete 7-channel digital audio amplifier system, which includes digital input (S/PDIF), analog inputs, interface to PC, and DAP features, such as digital volume control, input and output mixers, auto mute, equalization, tone controls, loudness, dynamic range compression, and PSVC output. There are configuration options for stereo line level output, stereo headphone output, and power-stage failure protection.

This 6.1 system is designed for home-theater applications, such as A/V receivers, DVD minicomponent systems, home theater in a box (HTIB), DVD receivers, or plasma display panels (PDPs).

  • 7-channel PurePath Digital evaluation module (double-sided plated-through PCB layout)
  • Stereo channel line output
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Self-contained protection system (short circuit and thermal)
  • Standard I2S and I2C/control connector for TI input board
  • Double-sided plated-through PCB layout


  • Populated EVM Board
  • Populated Interface Board
  • IDC, PSU and USB Cables

Free Evaluation Tool Description

  • Full documentation on CD ROM
  • Populated EVM Board
  • Populated Interface Board
  • IDC, PSU and USB Cables

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TAS5508-5142K7 Evaluation Module


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TAS5142  100-W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage  Audio Amplifiers 
TAS5508B  8 Channel Digital Audio PWM Processor  Specialty Audio 

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