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The THS8135EVM is a four-layer printed circuit board designed for evaluation of the THS8135 or THS8136 triple DAC. A TVP7002 video and graphics digitizer is included on THS8135EVM for digitizing analog RGB graphics inputs, providing a digital source for evaluation of the THS8135. The THS8135EVM is configured for support of RGB graphics formats. The maximum conversion rate of the EVM is 162MSPS providing support for graphics formats up to UXGA – 60 Hz. I2C communication with the EVM is provided by a host PC USB port and the Video Control Center (VCC) software tool provided with the EVM.

  • Easy to use EVM system
  • Easy to use Windows based software
  • Provides default register configuration for easy setup
  • Supports user-customizable register configurations to support development efforts

The THS8135EVM is designed to allow evaluation of the THS8135 triple DAC through use of the TVP7002 triple ADC configured for RGB graphics support. One standard DB15 graphics input connector is provided for input, and another DB15 connector is provided for output and connection to a monitor. Footprints for ferrite beads are provided on the RGB input and output signal paths, but are factory populated with 0-Ω resistors to provide maximum RGB bandwidth. The THS8135 DACs are current-steering DACs designed to directly drive a doubly terminated 75-Ω load.

One 75-Ω load resistor is present on the EVM board at each DAC output. The other 75-Ω termination is typically present in the monitor. The full-scale output current supplied by the THS8135 DACs may be adjusted by the resistor connected to the THS8135 FSADJ pin. The factory installed resistors should provide a full-scale output range near 700 mV when the THS8135EVM outputs are terminated with 75 Ω.

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THS8135 Evaluation Module


ACTIVE PC  Microsoft Windows XP  v1.0  01 MAR 2010 

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Part Number Name Product Family
THS8135  Triple 10-Bit 240MSPS Video DAC with Tri-Level Sync & Video (ITU-R.BT601)-Compliant Full Scale Range  HDMI/DVI/DP/MIPI (CSI/DSI) 
THS8136  Triple 10-Bit 180-MSPS Graphics and Video DAC  HDMI/DVI/DP/MIPI (CSI/DSI) 

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