controlCARD with Piccolo TMS320F28069MPZT, InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION enabled


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Featuring the TMS320F28069M MCU, capable of running the InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION solutions from on-chip ROM, the TMDSCNCD28069MISO controlCARD provides a convenient and standardized hardware interface to begin experimentation with the latest motor control technology from Texas Instruments.

What is a C2000 controlCARD?
C2000™ controlCARDs from Texas Instruments are a unique set of daughter cards enabling experimentation with C2000’s broad portfolio of MCUs for device evaluation and application development. Designed with a DIM100 or larger, plug-in connector, controlCARDs are easily interchangeable throughout C2000’s collection of development kits, giving users the ability to experiment with various C2000 MCUs in order to find the right MCU fit for an application. controlCARDs give access to all digital I/Os, analog I/Os, and JTAG signals from the C2000 MCU, providing a simple, modular, and standardized board-level interface to the C2000 MCU.

  • Piccolo TMS320F28069M MCU featuring motor control libraries in on-chip ROM
  • Isolated USB JTAG Inteface (XDS100v2)
  • Standard 100-pin DIMM interface
  • Analog I/O, digital I/O, JTAG signals at DIMM interface
  • Single 5V power rail for full operation

What's Included

InstaSPIN Simulation Tool

Start your FREE interactive simulation now for 3-phase motor control InstaSPIN-FOC and FAST software sensor enabled devices.

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controlCARD with Piccolo TMS320F28069MPZT, InstaSPIN™-FOC enabled


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Technical Documents
Datasheet (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 1986 02 Jul 2014
User Guides (4)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 39520 15 Jul 2014 6,285
PDF 1765 26 Mar 2014 3,477
PDF 475 14 Jan 2014 2,750
PDF 1550 14 Jun 2013 990
More Literature (1)
Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 216 17 Oct 2012 1,780

Software (3)

Name Part Number Software Type
Motor Kit Application Software for TMDSCNCD28069MISO controlCARDs  MOTORKITSCNCD69MISO  Application Software & Frameworks 
MotorWare™ Software  MOTORWARE  Application Software & Frameworks 
controlSUITE™ Software Suite: Essential Software and Development Tools for C2000™ Microcontrollers  CONTROLSUITE  Software Libraries 

Development Tools (1)

Name Part Number Tool Type
InstaSPIN™ Simulation Tool  INSTASPINSIM  Circuit Design & Simulation 

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules (3)

Name Part Number Tool Type
High Voltage Motor Control Kit with InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION enabled Piccolo MCU  TMDSHVMTRINSPIN  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
Three Phase BLDC & PMSM Motor Kit with DRV8301 and InstaSPIN-enabled Piccolo TMS320F28069M MCU  DRV8301-69M-KIT  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
Three Phase BLDC Motor Kit with DRV8312 and InstaSPIN-Enabled Piccolo TMS320F28069M MCU  DRV8312-69M-KIT  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

TI Devices (7)

Part Number Name Product Family
TMS320F28026F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28027F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28062F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28068F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28068M  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-MOTION  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28069F  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-FOC  Real-time Control 
TMS320F28069M  Piccolo Microcontroller with InstaSPIN-MOTION  Real-time Control 
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