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The Concerto F28M35 based solar explorer kit is intended to give designers the opportunity to evaluate different power stages used in solar applications in a safe, low voltage environment. This kit also offers designers of single panel off-grid applications such as lighting or motor control systems a robust development platform to start from by utilizing the 36VDC intermediate bus. All of the primary application power stages are controlled with a single C2000 MCU, including a single switch boost stage for maximum power point tracking, a SEPIC battery charging stage, and a grid-tie-capable DC/AC inverter stage capable of outputting 24VAC. Integrated USB JTAG emulation eliminates the need for external JTAG development hardware. A built in panel emulation circuit also allows designers to evaluate different shading situations without the need for expensive external hardware. By utlizing the Concerto processor, designers are now able to develop control and power stage software on the same processor as connectivity and communications applications. The Concerto MCU is used for all of the power stage control, as well as offering an Ethernet connection for remote control and monitoring. A quickstart graphical user interface is included, as well as fully documented, open source hardware and software libraries.

Power Conditioning (also known as Active Power Filtering) can be implemented on this kit with proper configuration and minimal software modifications.

  • F28M35 Concerto Control Card
  • 20VDC/ 50W Non Isolated Design
  • Built in panel emulator
  • Single switch DC/DC Boost for Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • DC/DC SEPIC for MPPT and Battery Charging
  • 36VDC Intermediary bus
  • 24VAC Output Inverter stage
  • Isolated USB JTAG built-in

What's Included

  • Solar Explorer base board
  • F28M35 Concerto controlCard
  • USB Cables
  • Quick start guide and graphical user interface

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    Concerto-based Solar Explorer Development Kit


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    PDF 1033 23 Jul 2013 1,095
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    PDF 1345 23 May 2014 3,219

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    TI Devices (6)

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    F28M35E20B  Concerto Microcontroller  Control + Automation 
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