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The DM38x Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) enables developers to start immediate evaluation of the DM38x Digital Media Processors and begin building digital video applications such as IP security cameras, action cameras, drones, video doorbells, car digital video recorders and other digital video products.  The Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM) allows developers to write production-ready application code for the ARM and provides access to the HDVICP coprocessor core through APIs for the DM385 and DM388 digital media processors.

  • DM388 digital media processor-based development board with 2Gb DDR3
  • Video capture and output of NTSC or PAL signals via component I/O
  • HDMI video output
  • CSI2 and parallel camera input
  • PCIe, SATA 2x, ethernet 2x, USB x2, audio, SD-card slot

What's Included

  • Power cord
  • uSD card
  • Serial UART cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB SD card reader
  • Warranty card
  • Quick start guide

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DM388 DaVinci Digital Media Processor Evaluation Module


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IPNC RDK Software for TMDXEVM388

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TPD2E007  2-Channel ESD Protection Array for AC Signal Data Interface  Circuit protection 
TPD4E001  Low-Capacitance 4-Channel +/-15-kV ESD Protection Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces  Circuit protection 
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