TPS54xx0-Q1 and TPS57xx0-Q1 Design Calculation Tool


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This tool supports the TPS54xx0-Q1 and TPS57xx-Q1 family of devices




This worksheet is designed for use with Microsoft Excel 2002 or later. It intends to assist circuit designers in their day-to-day calculations

This worksheet includes two sections:

  • Recommendations: Calculates the maximum requirements for different components to guarantee the input voltage, output voltage or other parameters can meet the design specifications. A users configurable table is provided to be filled with selected components by the designer. All calculated results will get shown in the "Estimated Specifications" table.
  • Compensation: This worksheet offers AC analysis for TPS54xx0-Q1 and TPS57xx0-Q1. The AC model can be found from page 35 to page 37 in the TPS54160-Q1 datasheet. Suggested selection of components is shown in the "Chosen Value" column. User is also free to put in other values to carry out a specified design. Comparison metric is also provided to give a glance for phase margin and cross over frequency with different compensation network.

TI Devices (7)

Part Number Name Product Family
TPS54240-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 42V, 2.5A Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS54260-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 60V, 2.5A Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS57040-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 42V, 500mA Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS57060-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 60V, 500mA Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS57140-EP  TPS57140-EP 1.5-A 42-V STEP-DOWN DC-DC CONVERTER WITH Eco-mode™ CONTROL   Power Management Products 
TPS57140-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 42V, 1.5A Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 
TPS57160-Q1  Automotive 3.5V to 60V, 1.5A Buck Converter with Eco-Mode™  Step-Down (Buck) 

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