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The TRF7970AEVM is a self-contained development platform which can be used to evaluate the performance of NFC Transceiver TRF7970A. TRF7970A is a multi-protocol fully integrated 13.56Mhz NFC/RFID Transceiver IC. Along with the IC, the evaluation module is designed to enable development and evaluation of custom firmware, customer designed antennas and potential transponders for a variety of NFC/RFID applications.


The TRF7970A EVM features include:

  • RFID Reader/Writer mode Support
  • ISO15693 standard based transponders
  • ISO14443A/B standard based transponders(UID read only)
  • FeliCa based transponders (UID read only)
  • Standalone Polling Mode for quick demonstration of transponder detection
  • Communication with Host Software Graphical User Interface (GUI) via USB VCP

  • The TRF7970A EVM also has the following hardware features specifically for development purposes:

  • MSP430F2370 Ultra-Low Power microcontroller with JTAG connectivity to development environment for custom firmware development.
  • Parallel or SPI connectivity via zero ohm jumpers
  • Logic Analyzer/Oscilloscope test points for relevant signal observation during code development
  • SMA (edge mount and through-hole) pads for connecting customer designed antenna.

  • What's Included

  • Sample bag of ISO15693 transponders
  • TRF7970AEVM

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    Technical Documents
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    PDF 3497 27 Mar 2017
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    PDF 1314 29 Jun 2016 627
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    PDF 5235 16 Nov 2012 2,544
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    PDF 2154 18 Mar 2016 4,289
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    PDF 2005 18 Dec 2014 5,628
    Design files (1)
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    ZIP 412 25 Aug 2011 593
    More literature (1)
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    PDF 438 16 Oct 2013 782

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    TI Devices (3)

    Part Number Name Product Family
    RF37S114  Tag-it HF-I Type 5 NFC, ISO15693 Transponder, 4 mm × 4 mm  Wireless Connectivity 
    TRF7964A  TRF7964A Multi Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz NFC / RFID Reader/Writer IC  Wireless Connectivity 
    TRF7970A  Multi-Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz NFC / RFID Transceiver IC  Wireless Connectivity 

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