Software & development tools

Scalable Linux, TI-RTOS and Android solutions for TI processors

TI Software Development Kits (SDK) provide operating systems, application examples, training, and documentation to ease and accelerate development. TI SDKs are complemented by a wide range of commercial Linux, RTOS, and Android solutions, as well as a number of optimized peripheral and application-specific libraries.

Processor SDK

The TI Processor SDK is a unified software platform for TI’s newest processor families.

  • Features scalable Linux, TI-RTOS and Android support
  • Includes complete board support packages, documentation, libraries, benchmarks, utilities, and code examples
  • Allows you to seamlessly reuse and migrate software across TI processor families
  • Maintained and released on a quarterly basis
  • Downloadable from TI's website, free of charge
  • Supported by TI's E2E forums
  • Benefits from the ongoing TI contributions, via upstreamed patches, to Mainline Linux 

Processor Linux SDK features:

  • Updated to the latest Long Term support (LTS) Linux kernel, boot loader and Yocto file system on an annual basis 
  • U-Boot community boot loader
  • Robust, commercial-grade Linaro® GNU compiler collection (GCC) toolchain
  • Yocto Project™ OE Core compatible file systems support enables tailored Linux application support
  • RT-Linux releases include a fully pre-emptible kernel for real-time applications

Processor SDK TI-RTOS features:

  • Robust real-time TI-RTOS kernel including TCP/IP networking stack
  • Posix thread-compatible API layer available
  • Driver libraries that can be used with TI-RTOS or without a kernel
  • Free and available as open source

Processor SDK Android features:

  • Updated to the latest Long Term support (LTS) Linux kernel and boot loader on an annual basis  
  • U-Boot bootloader support
  • Google Android GNU compiler collection (GCC) tool chain
  • Includes a complete application framework
  • Allows for easy integration of customer developed applications via Java

Downloads and technical details by platform

Product Linux support RT-Linux support TI-RTOS support Android support

Commercial Linux and Android support

Linux commercial distribution and partners 

For additional support or expertise, you can purchase a commercially supported distribution from a TI partner such as:

  • Witekio
  • Mentor Graphics
  • Canonical
  • Wind River

Linux consultants and commercial Linux providers

TI's extensive network of Linux consulting partners offers experience with a broad range of Linux-related software development including training classes, power management, wireless LAN drivers, GUI development and much more.

Android and Windows support

Visit Witekio for commercial Android and Windows support of TI devices



Commercial RTOS support

RTOS offerings from TI Design Network (TIDN) members include memory-protected and middleware-rich solutions from:

  • Green Hills Integrity
  • Mentor Embedded Nucleus RTOS
  • QNX Neutrino RTOS
  • Wind River
Provider Product RTOS on Arm® core RTOS on DSP core
Expresslogic ThreadX
Green Hills Integrity®, µVelOSity
Mentor Graphics Nucleus®
Micrium µC/OS-II, µC/OS-III
Micro Digital Neutrino®
QNX Neutrino®
Quadros Systems RTXC™
RoweBots Unison
Wind River VxWorks®

Accelerated DSP Libraries

Adding optimized DSP processing to your application can be as easy as calling a library function. Click on any of the processing areas below to download libraries, see benchmarks and find more information.