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TI SensorTag kit for IoT development

Sensor Tag

SensorTag is the next-generation IoT development kit that combines sensor data with cloud connectivity.

  • IoT made easy, with a secure connection to the cloud
  • One kit, multiple wireless connectivity technologies
    • All MCUs featured in our SensorTag kits require little to no battery power, which enables designs that last months to years
  • Access to open source design files and software
    • Software files only available for CC2650 & CC1350 SensorTag kits
  • SensorTag is perfect for web/app developers, embedded software developers, and hardware developers
  • Use the SensorTag app (available for iOS and Android) to connect your data to the cloud in three minutes.

Featured SensorTag kits

SimpleLink™ CC2650 Bluetooth low energy/Multi-standard SensorTag

This SensorTag has a unique feature that allows developers to change between different 2.4 GHz technologies by simply loading new software images directly from the SensorTag app over-the-air. 

Simplelink CC1350 Bluetooth low energy and Sub-1GHz Long Range SensorTag

The CC1350 SensorTag allows direct connection via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets, combined with several Km range for the Sub-1 GHz radio interface. 

SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3200 SensorTag

The Wi-Fi SensorTag is designed for use with any Wi-Fi network (no gateway needed). 
It is optimized for battery operated applications and can run for months on a pair of AAA batteries. 

Featured DevPacks

DevPack plug-in modules allow you to extend the functionality of your SensorTag and add features including display, lighting, capacitive touch, new sensors and much more.