Wireless Connectivity

NFC / RFID – Tools & software

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Kits & evaluation modules

Wireless connectivity kits and evaluation modules consist of an array of boards ranging from demo and application-specific hardware to full-feature development kits for hardware performance testing and software development.

RF430FRL152H Evaluation Module

The RF430FRL152HEVM evaluation module is a development platform used to evaluate the RF430FRL15xH NFC ISO 15693 sensor transponder. Can be powered with a battery, USB or by harvesting RF energy from a nearby NFC-enabled reader or smartphone.

RF430CL330H NFC T4BT Platform BoosterPack

The DLP-RF430BP, from third party provider DLP Design, is an add-on board designed to fit TI's MCU LaunchPads and incorporates the RF430CL330H.

TRF7970A NFC BoosterPack

This BoosterPack allows the software application developer to get familiar with the functionalities of TRF7970A multi-protocol fully integrated 13.56 MHz NFC/ HF RFID IC on their TI embedded microcontroller platform of choice without having to worry about developing the RF section.

NFCLink LaunchPad Evaluation Kit Bundle

This bundle allows the software application developer to get familiar with the functionalities of TRF7970A NFC transceiver IC without having to worry about developing the RF section and the NFCLink software firmware library.

  • This bundled solution contains the DLP Design NFC/RFID BoosterPack (DLP-7970ABP) which is an add-on board designed to fit all of TI’s MCU LaunchPads and the MSP-EXP430F5529LP LaunchPad. 

All in one NFC Evaluation Kit

For evaluating the complete NFC solution with Dynamic NFC Transponder Interface, NFC Transceiver IC and NFCLink software. 

  • The all-in-one NFC Evaluation Kit, contains: TRF7970ATB Target Board, MSP-EXP430F5529 USB Experimenter's Board, RF430CL330HTB Target Board and the MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board.

RF430F5978EVM Evaluation Module

The RF430F5978EVM including the user software SLRC001 is a complete evaluation platform to evaluate the key features of RF430F5978:

  • 3D LF long range trigger/wake up function
  • Passive, batteryless transponder communication
  • Resonant trimming

TRF7970ATB Evaluation Module

Get familiar with the functionalities of TRF7970A Multi-Protocol Fully Integrated 13.56-MHz NFC/ HF RFID IC on their TI Embedded microcontroller platform of choice without having to worry about the RF section.

Microreader evaluation board

The microreader evaluation board (RI-STU-MRD2) is a complete USB-based reader module providing the hardware and software to communicate with TI's low-frequency (LF), half-duplex (HDX), and advanced transponders for programming and tuning after the production phase.

  • The USB reader-writer stick contains the RI-STU-MRD2 DIL module, which is mounted on an antenna base board with a USB connector and a selection of TI HDX LF transponders. The RI-STU-MRD2 is backward compatible with the RS232 based RISTU- MRD1 reader module.

PaLFI, Passive Low Frequency Evaluation Kit

The kit contains all components required to evaluate and operate the TMS37157. The kit comes with an eZ430 MSP430F1612 USB development stick, and an MSP430 Target board including an MSP430F2274 plus the TMS37157 PaLFI. 

  • A battery board for active operation in addition to an RFID Base station reader/writer provide the infrastructure for various evaluation set ups.


Wireless network stacks, peripheral and driver libraries and software application examples that simplify designing wireless applications.

RFID Reader/Writer Firmware

TI’s RFID Reader/Writer example firmware provides an open-source solution for the TRF79xxA series of devices to read data from various RFID transponders. It has a basic driver for the TRF79xxA and supports anti-collision for ISO15693 and ISO14443A.

  • The provided example has tag data output over UART to be viewed on a PC serial COM terminal.

  • The firmware was developed on the MSP430G2553 as a low resource micro-controller example that requires less than 16kB flash/512 bytes of RAM, and can be ported to other MCUs.

NFCLink NFC/HF RFID Firmware

NFCLink is a library of NFC & HF RFID firmware using the NCI protocol to communicate to a host OS or MPU. As of today, NFCLink supports MSP430 5xx and 6xx series devices.

NFCLink Standalone Firmware

The TI NFCLink Standalone solution provides open-source firmware supporting the three NFC operating modes – Peer-to Peer, Card Emulation, and Reader/Writer – on the TRF7970A. The NFC stack is configurable to support specific NFC operating modes and the example project comes with a simple PC GUI to select various operating modes and send/receive data.

The firmware was designed on the MSP430 F5xx family, but can be ported to other MCUs.

Selecting a development environment — beginning development

RF430 MCUs are supported by a complete ecosystem of software tools for beginners to experienced engineers.

Full featured IDEs

A variety of IDEs are available for more advanced software design. These environments feature full debugging capability, additional design support and optimization tools.

CCS and IAR developement tool
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