Wireless Connectivity

Overview for RF4CE

Enabling tomorrow’s RF remote controls, adding voice and motion possibilities

Reliable and secure communication

Reliable and secure communication

  • Two-way communication
  • No need to aim remote toward target
  • Target can be hidden
Low power consumption

Low power consumption

  • Longer battery time allows for smaller batteries
  • Smaller batteries gives smaller form factor
  • Low Power Consumption
Voice and motion possibilities

Voice and motion possibilities

  • High data rate allows up to 100kbs
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Why choose TI?

  • Easiest to design with: TI provides turnkey solutions for both remote control and target node
  • Flexibility: Broadest portfolio of Flash-based wireless microcontrollers (MCU) for RF4CE
  • The lowest power: multi-year operation on a small coin-cell
  • Pin to pin compatible with TI Bluetooth® Smart solutions

RF4CE CC2650 remote control with voice support

Enables design of advanced remote control devices.

Download RemoTI

RemoTI is the industry leading RF4CE-compliant software architecture.