Wireless connectivity

Applications for the SimpleLink™ platform

The SimpleLink platform offers the broadest portfolio of differentiated wired and wireless Arm® MCUs featuring Ethernet, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi®, Sub-1 GHz with Zigbee® and Thread – all unified by a single, robust software architecture with 100% application code portability, modular development kits & cloud-based tools. The flexibility of the SimpleLink platform helps manufacturers quickly develop and seamlessly reuse resources to expand their portfolio of connected products.

Building automation and security

Building automation and security systems have unique challenges ranging from high throughput data transfer for doorbell cameras to ultra low power battery operation for door and window sensors. The SimpleLink platform is designed to suit these challenges with a flexible portfolio of ultra low power wired and wireless SoCs including multi-standard and dual band devices that support two wireless technologies concurrently. 

Robust connectivity

  • The industry’s broadest portfolio of wireless technologies including Ethernet, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, Sub-1 GHz, Zigbee and Thread in a single development environment
  • Multi-standard concurrent operation to enable long range or web-based communication with easy user interactivity

Unparalleled system security

  • Security features built into the platform, including cryptographic accelerators, secured device boot, key storage, IP protection and more
  • The Wi-Fi certified solution supports personal and enterprise Wi-Fi security, built-in TLS/SSL engine, real-time encryption for highly secure wireless and cloud connected applications

Ultra-low power architecture

  • The platform includes an innovative sensor controller engine for extremely power and efficient sensing 
  • Prebuilt TI drivers in the SimpleLink SDK increase operational efficiency and lower energy consumption for energy-sensitive products
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Wireless security camera and video doorbell

Low power & secure streaming video solution

Build a robust, reliable and secure Wi-Fi product with video-on-demand. Add plug & play BLE connectivity for easy commissioning or Sub-1 GHz networks for low power trigger-based wake-up.

Wireless security camera and video doorbell resources

SimpleLink™ CC3200-OV788 video/audio streaming over Wi-Fi 
Reference design
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Electronic smart lock

Bluetooth Low Energy enabled solution

Create a low-energy eLock solution that can last five years with wake-on-trigger and concurrent operation support for commercial deployment.

Wi-Fi-enabled solution

Control access from anywhere with internet connectivity. Monitor use and access remotely via a cloud-enabled interface.

Bluetooth Low Energy enabled solution resources

Access control panel with Bluetooth Low Energy and capacitive touch Reference design
How to train your door lock Technical article

Wi-Fi-enabled solution resources

Smart door locks: power-optimized & security features One pager
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Security panel

Fully integrated access panel

Integrate monitoring, security and multi-sensor support in your panel. Choose between Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity with out-of-box cloud enablement.

Smoke & fire detection

Long-range smoke detectors

Benefit from the low power and long range capabilities of Sub-1 GHz- batteries last longer, maintenance costs less. Secure and robust network-based royalty free TI 15.4-Stack network solution.

Door & window sensors

Ultra-low power sensors

Gain full-house coverage with SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz long range. Operate sensors on coin cell batteries for up to 10 years with unique low power features and setup a secure and robust network.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)

Designing heating and air conditioning systems requires energy efficient solutions that can last years. The SimpleLink platform allows you to build upon a solid foundation of trusted wired and wireless technologies while leveraging both your hardware and software investment with a common, code-compatible software development kit. 

Real-time communication

  • Actuator control over Ethernet, CAN and UART that simplifies system integration using pre-built TI drivers
  • Internet connectivity over Wi-Fi and Ethernet using the network services stack

Simplified remote connectivity

  • The industry’s broadest portfolio of wireless technologies including Ethernet, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, Sub-1 GHz, Zigbee and Thread in a single development environment
  • Multi-protocol concurrent operation to enable long range or web-based communication with easy user interactivity
Accurate sensing 
  • With ultra-low power sensor controller engine and multi-channel integrated ADCs to monitor environmental data such as air quality and temperature
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Wi-Fi enabled soluion

A low power solution with robust security features and support for many cloud providers. Add BLE for easy Wi-Fi commissioning and enable protection against hostile takeover and IP theft.

Thermostat resources

Build a smart thermostat using an MCU – adding network connectivity Technical article

Environmental sensors

Sense temperature, air quality and humidity with coin cell battery operation for up to 10 years with unique low power features. Wide area coverage with Sub-1 GHz or Bluetooth 5.0 for long range.

Predictive maintenance

Remote, low-power sensing

Enable HVAC motor diagnostics and cloud-based analytics to predict mean time to failure & prevent downtime on equipment. Retrofit wireless-enabled predictive maintenance with fast edge-node processing

HVAC zone controller

Connected zone controller solution

Integrated MAC & PHY for robust real-time control, reduced design complexity and the flexibility to expand connected nodes with 22x serial ports


SimpleLink BLE car access diagram

Connected automotive systems face unique challenges ranging from secure connections in car access, telematics and wireless sensing modules to stringent power budgets for always-on sub-systems. The SimpleLink platform is designed to meet these challenges with an AEC-Q100 automotive-grade portfolio of ultra-low power wired and wireless SoCs, innovative software libraries and common, code-compatible software development kit.

Exceptional Ecosystem

  • Certified Bluetooth 5 solution with proven interoperability that meets automotive-quality standards
  • Cutting edge localization tools with Angle of Arrival detection and signal strength monitoring
  • Reduce time-to-market with simplified system integration using the SimpleLink SDK with built-in TI RTOS and easy to use TI drivers

Unparalleled system security

  • Hardware acceleration of cryptographic operations enables better latency and performance
  • Flash region protection offers  software IP integrity protection
  • Network protocol security (secure connections) using hardware cryptographic accelerators  

Ultra-low power architecture

  • The lowest power platform for always-on automotive wireless connectivity and sensing modules
  • Autonomous sensor controller engine for developing energy-sensitive solutions
  • Optimized Bluetooth stack and SimpleLink SDK

Smart meters

Build full-system solutions based on a single, unified platform. The SimpleLink portfolio delivers scalable host MCUs, communication, and sensing solutions. Wireless connectivity can be easily added for over-the-air updates and remote monitoring.

Accurate sensing and measurement

  • Integrated lowest power 14-bit 1Msps fast SAR ADC with multiple channels for scalable number of voltages and currents
  • Fast wake-up, ultra-low-power standby for extended battery life
  • Integrated LCD controller and graphic libraries for display

Real-time control

  • Wired peripherals such as CAN, Ethernet, Serial UART, I2C, SPI for robust, reliable and fast communication with IEDs within the grid

Remote connectivity

  • Scalable SimpleLink SDK supports multiple wireless protocols such as Sub-1 GHz, 2.4 GHz and dual band solutions
  • The stack solutions covers standards like Wireless MBUS, Zigbee, Thread, 6LoWPAN and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Proprietary solutions (TI 15.4-Stack) and customer modifiable solutions are also supported
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Electricity metering

Full system E-meter solutions

Use our fully integrated meter host solution with up to 2MB embedded Flash memory to run meter applications, drive the user display and interface, and store, execute multiple communications protocols

Electricity metering resources

Polyphase shunt metrology with Isolated AFE reference design Reference design

Water, gas metering

Low-power water, gas meters

Build designs to interface seamlessly with rotational or ultrasonic sensing front-ends, extend battery life, and unify multi-RF protocol support in a single platform for automated meter reading

Water, gas metering resources

Low-power water flow measurement with inductive sensing reference design
Reference design