Wireless connectivity

SimpleLinkTM Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless MCUs

Low-power wireless standard to easily connect any product to smartphones or tablets

Lowest-power for longest range

Leverage the low-power capabilities of the SimpleLink™ Bluetooth Low Energy wireless MCUs

Fully qualified Bluetooth 5 stack

Leverage TI’s flexible Bluetooth 5 protocol stack today to develop your product

Leading the automotive revolution

TI is leading the way in the next generation of car access & body control applications by providing best-in class wireless MCUs with innovative software tools and a compelling ecosystem

Why TI for Bluetooth 5?

Upgrade your network today with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (also known as Bluetooth 5), a universal low-power wireless standard that makes it easy to connect any product to a smartphone or tablet. BLE enables up to 4x longer range, 2x higher speeds and 8x greater broadcast capacity than the previous Bluetooth standard.

  • Superior RF performance: Up to -103dBm sensitivity and +20dBm output power
  • Ultra low power: <1uA average sleep current with full RAM retention
  • Smallest package options: 4x4 QFN and 2.7x2.7 chip scale packages
  • Autonomous sensor controller core for low power sensor acquisition and processing
  • Robust, royalty-free software stack for high performance applications

Key products

CC2642R Wireless MCU

New! CC2642R wireless MCU

CC2640R2F Wireless MCU

CC2640R2F wireless MCU

CC2640R2F-Q1 Chipshot

CC2640R2F-Q1 wireless MCU

CC1352R Chip shot

CC1352R wireless MCU

CC1352P chip shot

New! CC1352P wireless MCU

*some software components will be included in ROM in production devices to free application code space


Expanded memory and lower power with the newly enhanced ultra-low-power sensor controller Smallest full-featured Bluetooth 5 solution on the market including automotive qualified option Smallest automotive qualified Bluetooth 5 solution on the market Support for Sub-1 GHz + 2.4 GHz concurrency with the lowest power multi-band wireless MCU  Support for Sub-1 GHz + 2.4 GHz concurrency with an integrated 20dBm PA enabling longer range

Key Features

SimpleLink MCU Platform Compliant
Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 4.x Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 4.x Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 4.x Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 4.x Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth 4.x
Application MCU
Arm® Cortex®- M4F
Arm® Cortex®- M3
Arm® Cortex®- M3
Arm® Cortex®- M4F Arm® Cortex®- M4F
352kB Flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
128kB Flash, 144kB ROM*, 20kB RAM
128kB Flash, 144kB ROM*, 20kB RAM
352kB flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
352kB flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
Standby Current Consumption 0.9µA 1.1µA 1.1µA 0.8µA 0.9µA
Third party

Why TI for Bluetooth Low Energy automotive?

Bluetooth 5 ready portfolio with AEC-Q100 grade 2 temperature range, wettable flanks package, lowest-power wireless MCU with best-in class RF performance

Industry leading RF performance enabling the next generation of Real-time localization systems based on RSSI with connection monitor and Angle-of-Arrival concepts

Leading the adoption of BLE in the connected car transformation with proven hardware, certified Bluetooth stacks and the SimpleLink Software Development Kit

Support and training

Experience comprehensive interactive learning experiences for the SimpleLink portfolio of devices.

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