Wireless Connectivity

TI SimpleLink MSP432 microcontrollers

Process high-precision signals at the lowest power on ARM® Cortex-M4 based MCUs

Ultra-low power

Increase performance and battery life at the same time with an ultra-low-power microcontroller with 48MHz ARM Cortex-M4F CPU.

  • 80uA/MHz in active power
  • 660nA in RTC standby power
  • Lowest power ADC with 375uA at 1 Msps

Wireless host MCUs

Add low power, high precision analog and memory extension to SimpleLink wireless connectivity applications with accelerated development through the SimpleLink software platform.

  • 100% code reuse across SimpleLink platform
  • Develop faster with SimpleLink Academy

Higher precision measurement

Capture signals with high-precision 16-bit SAR analog-to-digital converter and accelerate advanced algorithms with 32-bit floating-point CPU and DSP extension.

  • Up to 16 ENOB with oversampling
  • 13.2 ENOB native
  • Up to 1 MSPS
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High precision SAR-based ADC with up to 16-bit of resolution, IP Protection to secure multiple firmware, achieving ultra-low-power of 192.3 ULPBench while maintaining high-performance capabilities of 32-bit CPU at up to 48MHz.

SimpleLink MCU platform   

  • 100% code compatibility across SimpleLink MCU portfolio   
  • Integrated TI-RTOS, a robust, intelligent kernel for complete, out-of-the-box development   
  • POSIX-compatible APIs offer flexible OS/kernels support including freeRTOS

Ultra-low power   

  • 80 uA/MHz active mode   
  • 660 nA LPM3 (With RTC)   
  • Wake-Up From Standby Mode in <10 uS   
  • 192.3 ULPBench score

Ultra-low power   

  • 80 uA/MHz active mode   
  • 660 nA LPM3 (With RTC)   
  • Wake-Up From Standby Mode in <10 uS   
  • 192.3 ULPBench score


  • 4 IP Protected zones
  • JTAG lock, factory reset configuration
  • Field firmware update with encryption



  • Up to 256kB of Flash in two banks   
  • Up to 64kB of SRAM in 8-bank configuration

Small package options   

  • 5x5 mm2 BGA

SimpleLink host MCU

Enhance your wireless application with the companion microcontroller through one common development platform, featuring:

  •     Ultra-low-power processing capabilities
  •     High-precision analog
  •     Communication stacks

With high-performance analog, integration, and advanced security the low power SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs proves to be the ideal companion host MCU for your wireless application. With additional processing power, IO expansion and software plug-in’s one can easily add wireless to their system in three simple steps

  1. Download SDK plugin
  2. Copy project
  3. Connect app data to wireless technology

A perfect match

The SimpleLink MCU platform makes it easy to pair a SimpleLink MSP432™ Host MCU with a wireless network processor. Pick your connectivity standard and get started with a SDK with common components and one development enviroment.







Explore interactive MSP432 learning through SimpleLink Academy

Explore 100% code reuse across SimpleLink Platform

Wireless MCU (SoC)
Wireless Network Processor
Module Available
TI module TI module TI module and 3rd party module 3rd party module 3rd party module 3rd party module
Range 100 m 100 m 10+ m 10+ m 10,000+ m 10,000+ m
SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Plugin
SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Wi-Fi Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Wi-Fi Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Bluetooth Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Bluetooth Plugin SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Sub-1 GHz Plugin (coming soon) SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Sub-1 GHz Plugin (coming soon)
Development Kit CC3120BOOST-MSP-EXP432P bundle MSP432P401R LaunchPad and CC3220 LaunchPad CC2650MODA-EXP432P401R MSP432P401R LaunchPad and CC2640R2F LaunchPad  MSP432P401R LaunchPad + 1. CC1350 LaunchPad or 2. CC1350US LaunchPad MSP432P401R LaunchPad and CC1310 LaunchPad

Higher precision measurement with 16-bit analog to digital converters

The 16-bit successive approximation (SAR) ADC module integrated in MSP432 MCUs supports high-precision analog-to-digital conversions at up to 1Msps and up to 16 ENOB. The module implements a 14-bit SAR core, software oversampling, sample select control, reference generator, two window
comparators, differential and single-ended inputs, and direct data transfer using DMA.

When combined with DMA, the 16-bit ADC allows the samples to be converted and stored in memory without CPU intervention. The module can be configured with user software to support a variety of applications. The 16-bit ADC also has a built in temperature sensor and VCC reference.

Learn how to achieve 16-bit of resolution by oversampling ADC14

Learn how to perform low-power analytics on the process the high-resolution ADC14 samples with MSP432 MCU’s DSP solutions

Learn how to leverage low power and flexibility of MSP432’s integrated 16-bit ADC through this blog series: