Wireless Connectivity

SimpleLinkTM Multi-Standard wireless MCUs

Future proof your designs with concurrent multi-standard, multi-band connectivity on a single wireless MCU

Lowest power

  • Low power, integrated +20dBm PA with TX at 78mA
  • Multi-year operation on a coin cell battery
  • Enhanced sensor controller for ultra-low power

Multi-standard Portfolio

  • Multi-standard: BLE, Thread and Zigbee
  • Multi-band: Sub-1 GHz + BLE, Thread or Zigbee
  • Concurrent standards for application flexibility

SimpleLink MCU Platform

  • 100% code reuse across portfolio
  • Comprehensive learning experience
  • Example code offered by TI Resource Explorer
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Key Products

CC1352R Chip shot

New! CC1352R Wireless MCU

CC1352P chip shot

Coming soon! CC1352P

CC2652R chip shot


CC1350 chip shot


*some stack components will be embedded in ROM in production devices to increase application code space in flash


Support for Sub-1 GHz + 2.4 GHz concurrency with the lowest power multi-band wireless MCU  Support for Sub-1 GHz + 2.4 GHz concurrency with an integrated 20dBm PA enabling longer range Get all the benefits of 2.4 GHz concurrency with the loweset power multi-protocol wireless MCU Add smartphone connectivity with Sub-1 GHz + Bluetooth Low Energy

Key Features

SimpleLink MCU Platform Compliant
Application MCU Arm® Cortex®- M4F Arm® Cortex®- M4F Arm® Cortex®- M4F Arm® Cortex®- M3
352kB flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
352kB flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
352kB flash, 256kB ROM*, 80kB RAM
128 kB Flash, 20 kB RAM
Standby Current Consumption 0.8µA 0.8µA 0.9µA 0.7µA


Sub-1 GHz

Support and Training

Experience comprehensive interactive learning experiences for the SimpleLink portfolio of devices.

Get answers to your design questions from TI design experts!

Multi-Standard Videos