Wireless connectivity

Applications for SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC31xx/CC32xx

With the SimpleLink Wi-Fi devices supporting your designs, you can share, monitor and manage data wirelessly to the cloud enabling high-throughput applications (up to 72Mbps).

Building automation

Connecting your building automation device to the cloud is now a must in today's  market. Managing security, interoperability, and low power of these devices is crucial to the expansion and adoption of building automation solutions. 

With TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ portfolio, you can easily connect your application to cloud, effectively plan your security framework utilizing device’s embedded security enablers, and run for years using batteries. 

Electronic smart lock

Why add Wi-Fi directly to the lock?

Forget what you know about Wi-Fi!

Now you can easily add Wi-Fi to the eLock while maintaining a low power solution and enabling secured and direct access to the cloud. This implementation lets you:

  • Reduce overall system cost and design complexity.
  • Monitor use, control access and configure settings from anywhere.
  • Enable fast and secure over the air (OTA) updates.



Why SimpleLink Wi-Fi

Operate your entire system for up to 3.5 years when waking up on trigger using 4xAA batteries and 1.5 years when Wi-Fi is always connected.

The most comprehensive security feature-set enabling protection against hostile takeover (e.g. malicious OTA) and IP theft, without external secure components.

Proven compatibility and easy integration with many cloud vendors, including AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, and support for Apple Homekit.

Video doorbell / Low power camera

Design a low-power video doorbell or camera to securely stream video, audio and sensor events to the cloud.

 CC3220 devices have been optimized to maximize performance while consuming the lowest power, in various use cases such as:

  • Always connected for streaming on demand
  • Intermittently connected for streaming on sensor/trigger wakeup


Dynamically switch between these use case profiles to further customize your application.


Why SimpleLink Wi-Fi

Up to 2 years of operation when always connected, and 5 years when waking up on trigger using 5000mAh battery.

The most comprehensive security feature-set enabling protection against hostile takeover (e.g. malicious over-the-air updates) and IP theft, without the need for external secure components.

Robust and proven streaming of 720p or 1080p @30FPS


Design a low power smart thermostat using SimpleLink Wi-Fi MCUs to enable secured remote monitoring and control, and link a variety of sensors to the cloud.

Why SimpleLink Wi-Fi

Over 1 year of operation when always connected and up to 3 years when waking up on trigger using a 3400mAh battery. Tested with over 225 access points to ensure consistent and stable performance.

The most comprehensive security feature-set enabling protection against hostile takeover (e.g. malicious over-the-air updates) and IP theft, without the need for external secure components.

Unique, dual core architecture in a single IC: one Wi-Fi CERTIFIED network processor and one dedicated Arm Cortex-M4 for applications development.

Industrial transport

TI enables design engineers to continually push performance and increase intelligence while cutting costs for their logistics and asset management applications during transportation and within medical environments, enterprise buildings or logistic warehouses

Asset tracking

Tags for asset tracking

WLAN enabled RTLS tags for asset tracking offers efficient inventory management for high-value assets, and allows assets to be tracked within a local network and remotely through the cloud

tags for asset tracking

Industry’s lowest power Wi-Fi and configurable power states for initialization

  • Maximize the battery life of the system and reach up to 16 years on 1200mAH
  • Two switchable power profiles for 802.11 RTLS and client interoperability
  • Maintain low power during a tag profile or a fast connection to the cloud

Design flexibility and supporting tools

  • Configurable transceiver mode - supports the use of protocols such as ISO24370 over Wi-Fi 
  • Ready to use library and example to performing over-the-air software updates

Best in class security features

  • Personal and enterprise security 
  • Secure storage that provides encryption, authentication, and authorization
  • Enable developers to protect against threats on the network


Simplify your medical patient monitoring designs by easily and privately transferring patient data to the cloud with our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless MCUs and network processor solutions.

Home healthcare

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Portable CPAP machines, designed with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ wireless MCUs, can securely transfer patient data directly to the cloud with minimal patient intervention and at low costs, while improving data visibility to both patient and physician.

Certified and robust solutions accelerate customer development and time to market

  • Transferrable Wi-Fi Alliance CERTIFIED IC’s and regulatory certified module solutions allow easy integration of complex RF systems into CPAP machines
  • TI’s Network learning algorithm provides a high level interoperability with access points (AP’s) for worldwide deployment.  Validated and tested against >200APs

Best in class enhanced security features protect against attacks and secure patient data transmission

  • Advanced personal and enterprise level security
  • Minimize  IP or data theft without external security components

Cloud integration enable connectivity to a variety of cloud vendors with minimal effort

  • Accelerate development times by utilizing Support for Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure,  IBM Watson IoT, Apple HomeKit and others