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SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz - Applications

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SimpleLinkTM Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud solutions

Quickly deploy low power wide area networks (LPWAN) with cloud connectivity for sending and receiving sensor data over a long range Sub-1 GHz star network.

See our end to end reference design to get started with a Linux or TI-RTOS gateway solution:

Linux-based processor gateway

TI-RTOS based wireless MCU gateway

Building automation

Sub-1 GHz products enable complete, secure and low power solution for monitoring and controlling intelligent buildings. TI's SimpleLink wireless MCU solutions allow you to quickly develop your next security and safety system to achieve maximum performance and integration.

Why select Sub-1 GHz for building automation:

  • Excellent RF performance in Sub-1GHz band providing indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Best in class low power modes and features enable 10+ years battery life on coin cell
  • Scalable network that supports up to 50 devices from a single gateway
  • Dual-band solution adding Bluetooth low energy to your Sub-1Ghz end nodes allowing smart phone access for easy commissioning, configuration or diagnostic
  • Small 4x4mm package providing integration the size of your finger tip
  • Royalty free software solution based on 802.15.4e/g standard with built in security
Sub-1 building automation

Motion detector

Motion detectors sense a person's movement and presence in a room or zone, and are often used as an input device to building security or lighting control systems. Sub-1 GHz enhances these detectors by cutting the cord while providing 10 year operation on a coin cell battery.

Door & window sensor

Wireless sensors can be used to monitor the open or close status of doors and windows. Enabling Sub-1 GHz can dramatically increase a sensor's battery life compared to other wireless protocols. The SimpleLink CC1350 dual-band (Sub-1 GHz + BLE) wireless MCU allows you to connect other devices like keypads or commission new sensors to the security system seamlessly.

Smart grid

Sub-1 GHz enables the future of Smart Grid through advanced metering, smart grid communications, and grid management.

Why choose Sub-1 GHz when developing your smart grid solution?

  • Sub-1 GHz bends and penetrates through barriers and buildings with high sensitivity
  • Enable one-way or secure two-way communication
  • Maximizes number of end points serviced, reducing utility costs
  • Decrease maintenance costs through low power consumption and support for energy harvesting
  • Seamless integration for standards like SigFox and wM-Bus
Sub-1 smart grid

Electricity meters

Implementing Sub-1 GHz for residential, commercial, and industrial meters allow companies to cut the cord and monitor wirelessly. Sub-1 GHz’s technology can go through objects like walls and machinery with high sensitivity for accurate and reliable readings.

Heat cost allocators

Sub-1 GHz enabled heat cost allocators can be used in multiple rooms and buildings, connecting to one or more distant gateways. This can reduce implementation, monitoring and maintenance costs. TI's Sub-1 GHz solutions also have support for wM-Bus and SigFox with references for implementation.

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