Wireless Connectivity

Overview for Zigbee® (IEEE 802.15.4)

A standard for robust, low-power mesh networks in home and building automation

Lowest power

Multi-year operation on a coin cell battery

Scalable platform

Multi-standard support

Easy to design with

Proven hardware with a robust “golden unit” software stack and sample applications

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Coming soon | SimpleLink™ Zigbee wireless MCU 

The CC2652 wireless MCU is the newest addition to the SimpleLink MCU Platform and is supported by the common core software development kit, SimpleLink SDK, which enables 100% code portability. Sign up below to receive an email when this device is available!  

CC2652 Chipshot


CC2630 Chipshot


CC2538 Chipshot


CC2531 Chipshot


CC2530 Chipshot


CC2592 Chipshot



An ultra-low power Arm Corex-M4F-based Wireless MCU An ultra-low power Arm Cortex-M3-based wireless MCU An Arm Cortex-M3-based wireless MCU A USB enabled SoC with an integrated 8051 MCU SoC solution with an integrated 8051 MCU Cost-Effective, high performance RF front end for Texas Instruments 2.4 GHz devices

Key Features

SimpleLink MCU platform compliant
Application MCU Arm Cortex-M4F Arm Cortex-M3 Arm Cortex-M3 8051 8051
Flash 352 kB 128 kB 512 kB 256 kB 256 kB
Over the air upgrade
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Get started with ZigBee solutions

TI’s easy to use development kits allow you to kick start your ZigBee development.

TI’s lastest Z-Stack supports ZigBee 3.0, making your software much easier to maintain and use.

Learn from TI experts and customers on how to expand the IoT with wireless technology from TI.