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TI Bluetooth low energy

NEW! Remote control solution – development kit and application software
NEW! Over-the-Air download updates your Bluetooth low energy device directly from your smartphone

TI’s newest BLE-Stack 1.4.0 includes support for the CC2541DK-RC remote control development kit. Bluetooth low energy allows for remotes with mouse-like pointing and keyboard functionality as well as gesture-, touch- and motion-based input controls so users can take their viewing and gaming experience to the next level. In addition to control of traditional home consumer electronics, the Bluetooth low energy remote control solution enables direct control of Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like PCs, laptops and tablets devices.

BLE-Stack 1.4.0 also includes over-the-air firmware downloads (OTA or OAD), which enable updates to the CC2540 and CC2541 firmware to be downloaded from a central device, such as a phone, tablet or PC onto the CC2540/1 system-on-chip (SoC) directly over the RF link. The OAD feature helps customers save time and simplifies the software upgrade process, leaving more time to design and create new Bluetooth low energy devices and applications.

TI's Bluetooth low energy device for sensor applications is a true one-chip integrated solution. Combined with TI's protocol stack, profile software and application support, the CC254x SoC family forms the market's most flexible and cost-effective single-mode Bluetooth low energy solution. Paired with an extensive selection of support collateral such as development tools, technical documentation, reference designs and application expertise, TI's solutions simplifies your design and speeds time to market for your Bluetooth low energy application.

  • Complete solution - 2.4 GHz CC254x system-on-chip, TI protocol stack, profile software and application support.
  • Profiles with associated sample applications - for heart rate sensor, health thermometer, blood pressure sensor, find me, proximity, remote control, watch (time / network availability), emulated keyboard/dongle (HID), time, and alert notification.
  • Ultra-low power consumption – enables sensor applications to operate for >1 year on a coin cell battery
  • Leading RF performance – up to +97 dB link budget and excellent coexistence with other 2.4-GHz devices
  • One-chip integrated solution - controller, host and application on one 6x6mm device. Applications can be written directly onto the CC254x, which supports both analog and digital peripherals.
  • Flash-based and flexible device - firmware can be updated in the field and persistent data can be stored on-chip
  • Support - easy-to-use development tools, technical documentation, reference designs and application expertise.
  • Single mode and dual mode – as a supplier of both single mode and dual mode Bluetooth low energy solutions, TI delivers fully tested and robust ecosystem solutions – from smart sensors to smart phones.

Development Kit

TI's CC254x kits for single-mode Bluetooth low energy applications provides developers with a comprehensive hardware performance test platform and generic software development environment.

Sub-1 GHz Value Line   Order Development KitNew! CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Remote Control Kit

CC2541dk-mini Order Development Kit  New! CC2541DK-Mini

Order Development Kit  CC2541 Evaluation Module Kit

Order Development Kit  CC2540 Development Kit

Order Development Kit  CC2540MINI-DK

Order Development Kit  CC2541DK-Sensor

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CC2540/41 key features:

  2.4-GHz Bluetooth® low energy and Proprietary System-on-ChipCC2541 Bluetooth low energy - CC2540 chipCC2540
Link budget 94dB
99dB (proprietary mode)
Active current consumption 18.5 mA in TX,
17.9 mA in RX
27 mA in TX,
19.6 mA in RX
Current consumption using TPS62730 step down converter (20 percent reduction, CR2032 coin cell) 14 mA in TX,
14.7 mA in RX
21 mA in TX,
15.8 mA in RX
Full-speed USB 2.0 interface no yes
I2C interface yes no
General device features
  • CC254x Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip
  • One chip integrated device - controller, host and application on one device
  • Includes peripherals to interface with analog and digital sensors
  • In-system reprogrammable flash memory
  • Accurate RSSI function
  • Integrated AES-128 encryption engine
  • 40-pin 6x6x0.85mm QFN package
Solution CC254x Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip, TI protocol stack, profile software with associated sample applications, and application support.
Sensor device CC2541 (Single mode) CC2540 (Single mode)
Datasheet Download DatasheetDownload Download DatasheetDownload
Samples Order Development KitGet Free Sample Order Development KitGet Free Sample
Development kits Order Development KitCC2541EMK Order Development KitCC2540DK
Order Development KitCC2540MINI-DK
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