Multi-Antenna Wideband Digital Transmit and Receive IC Solution

Up to four transmit/eight receive antennas with up to 740MHz digital pre-distortion bandwidth

The GC533x family is a complete digital transmit and receive solution for ultra-wideband and multi-antenna wireless infrastructure applications complete with 5th order DPD, CFR, DUCs, DDCs, and Fractional Resamplers. The family offers a range of configuration and performance options to achieve multi-band, multi-carrier and multi-mode support for wireless solutions including CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE WiMAX and MC-GSM.

Multi-Antenna Wideband Digital Transmit and Receive IC Solution -
Part # Max. Number Tx Antennas DPD Expansion BW / Antenna (Max) (MHz) 2x Signal BW for 5th order correction (Max) (MHz) Number of DDC or DUC Channels Max. Number Rx Antennas Typical Power Dissipation (W) Price
GC5330 4 620 62 48 8 5 $80.00
GC5337 4 740 74 48 8 6 $95.00

GC5337 Performance chart
Amplifier and Data Converter Guide
Amplifier & Data Converter Guide
(.pdf, 8.70 MB)

The GC5330SEK is a complete TX, RX, DPD system evaluation kit and reference design.

GC533x EVM
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