Adapter Power Solutions

Adapter power products from TI provide reliable, efficient, low-cost power solutions for a wide range of AC/DC charger and adapter applications. Innovative, high-efficiency power management controllers reduce both energy consumption and solution size. Universal charge controllers help designers minimize environmental impact and reduce charging times with standards compliance. With or without wires, TI solutions provide best-in-class no load power performance and highest average system efficiency.

Adapter Power Solutions Conserve Energy, Shrink Solution Size

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No-Load Adapter Power

The European Commission's Integrated Product Policy (EC IPP) set the new 5-Star no-load power consumption rating of <30mW and mobile phone and adapter makers must strive to meet it in the next three years. The highly efficient family of UCC28710 flyback power supply controllers achieves this low standby power rating with the smallest solution size and component count resulting in the greatest power density

Key features and benefits of the UCC28710:

  • Lowest standby power <10-mW standby consumption and provides high-voltage startup capability
  • Highest integration with primary side regulation eliminates need for opto-couplers and additional external circuitry

These innovative controllers the highest power efficiency at 5 watts, which allows adapters to meet the 5-Star no-load power consumption rating. The UCC28710 also leverages LBC7HV, TI's new high-voltage power BiCMOS technology, to integrate the start-up switch which saves an additional 8 to 10 mW of standby power.

Universal Charging for Mobile Devices

Today's mobile users are frustrated with phone and tablet chargers that only support one brand-name device. Consumers are forced to use a new charger with new mobile devices and add to the number of adapters in a home – and ultimately in landfills. TI's TPS2511 intelligent USB charge controller meets the USB Battery Charging 1.2 specification and provides additional charge algorithms to safely charge compliant devices.

Key features and benefits of the TPS2511:

  • Meets regulatory requirements set forth by USB Battery Charging 1.2 and Chinese Telecom Specification YD/T 1591-2009
  • Supports many popular smartphones or 5-V tablets using universal charging capability

Reference Designs

  • PMP8286 - Universal AC Input, 5V@2.1A Smart USB Charger Cube
  • PMP7388 - 9-40V Automotive Input, 5V@2.1A Smart USB Charger
  • PMP7389 - Universal AC Input, 5V@2.1A Dual Port Smart USB Charger
  • PMP7390 - 9-60V Automotive Input, 5V@2.1A Dual Port Smart USB Charger
  • PMP6536 – 85V AC–265V AC input 12V/3A Quasi-Resonant Flyback with synchronous rectifiers
  • PMP4305 – Universal AC input 17W high density Sync-Flyback AC/DC charger for tablet PC
  • PMP5952 – Universal input, 5V, 5A output dual port, high-power USB charger