Multi-Output Fly-Buck™ Topology


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Low-profile bias supply

Low Profile, Quad Output, Isolated Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial Applications

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Grid Tie Microinverter design

Complete Gate Drive and Bias Power Solution for Solar MicroInverter's DC/DC and DC/AC Blocks

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Motor Drive power supply

Wide-Input Isolated IGBT Gate-Drive Fly-Buck Power Supply for Three-Phase Inverters - Ref Design

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Triple Output Industrial power supply

Isolated Tri-output Fly-Buck Power Supply for Industrial PLC Applications - Reference Design

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    Evaluation modules

    • LM5161 EVM - Wide Vin Fly-Buck Evaluation Module
    • LM5161 EVM - Wide Vin Synchronous Buck Converter COT Evaluation Module
    • LM5160 EVM - Fly-Buck Isolated Bias Supply Evaluation Board
    • LM5017 - Isolated Bias Supply EVM
    • LM5017 EVM - Wide Vin Synchronous Buck Regulator Evaluation Board

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