GaN FET Drivers Deliver New Levels of Power Density over MOSFETs

TI Helps You Leverage the Power of GaN

Gan Technology Brief
GaN Technology Brief (pdf)

Enhancement-mode Gallium Nitride (GaN) power FETs can provide significant power density benefits over silicon MOSFETs in power converters but pose new challenges for designers. TI brings simplicity to solve the challenges of driving GaN power FETs with a family of drivers – UCC27611, a 4A/6A high-speed, optimized single gate driver, LM5114, a 7.6A single low-side driver with independent source and sink outputs – and the award-winning LM5113, the industry's first 100V integrated half-bridge driver for GaN power FETs. Compared to discrete implementations, these drivers provide significant PCB area savings to achieve industry-best power density and efficiency while simplifying the task of driving GaN FETs reliably.

Benefits of TI GaN FET driver solutions:

  • Increased power density
  • Maximizes dV/dt immunity, prevents accidental low-side turn-on
  • Independent source/sink pins optimize turn-on and turn-off times to enhance efficiency and reduce noise

Challenges of GaN FETs:

  • Low threshold voltage
  • Stringent gate-source voltage drive requirements
  • Need to limit high-side FET to 6V
  • Prevent erratic switching behavior with high dV/dt transients

Benefits of GaN FETs:

  • Much lower Rdson and Qg
  • Higher input voltages
  • Greater efficiencies
  • Faster switching frequencies
  • Ultra-small package footprint for higher density power converters

LM5114 & LM5113 GaN FET Driver Demos

UCC27611 – 4A/6A High-Speed 5V Optimized Single Gate Driver

  • 4.0-V to 18-V single supply VDD range
  • Drive voltage VREF regulated to 5-V
  • 4-A peak source and 6-A peak sink drive current
  • 1-Ω and 0.35-Ω pull-up and pull-down resistance
  • Split output configuration
  • Fast propagation delays – 14-ns typical
  • 2 mm x 2 mm WSON-6 package with exposed thermal and ground pad


LM5114 – Single 7.6A Peak Current Low-Side Gate Driver


LM5113 - 5A, 100V Half-Bridge Gate Driver for Enhancement-Mode GaN FETs



LM5113 Bootstrap Voltage Regulation

The LM5113 & LM5114 GaN FET drivers support EPC eGAN® FETs. Learn more...
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