Isolated Power

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The isolated power portfolio from Texas Instruments covers the complete end-to-end power supply building blocks from front-end PFC controllers to PWM controllers that support the most popular isolated power topologies, including advanced phase-shifted full-bridge. The portfolio also includes a variety of MOSFET gate drivers that support both primary and secondary MOSFET driver applications, including synchronous rectifier driver topologies and many other power supply support products.

Isolated Power Products

LM5023 - AC-DC Quasi-Resonant Current Mode PWM Controller


  • No cable compensation required
  • Skip cycle mode reduces power consumption at light loads for energy conservation applications(ENERGY STAR, CEPCP, etc.)
  • Quasi-resonant mode reduces switching losses and improves active efficiency
  • Reduces EMI
  • Hiccup mode prevents over-heating during extended overload conditions

LM5045/46 - Full-Bridge PWM Controller with Integrated MOSFET Drivers


  • High current 2A full-bridge gate drivers
  • Intelligent sync rectifier start-up for linear turn-on into pre-biased loads
  • 5V sync rectifier drive for digital isolators or transformer
  • 105V high-current start-up regulator
  • Synchronous rectifier gate drive logic control signals
  • Independently programmable synchronous rectifier delays (LM5045)
  • Programmable resonant times for ZVS operation (LM5046)

Isolated Power Portfolio Overview

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controllers

  • Buck PFC controllers
  • Boost PFC controllers
  • Single phase
  • Critical Conduction Mode
  • Continuous Conduction Mode
  • Two phase
  • Critical Conduction Mode
  • Continuous Conduction Mode

MOSFET Gate Drivers

  • Low-side MOSFET gate drivers
  • Single
  • Dual
  • High-side / low-side half-bridge MOSFET gate drivers

GaN FET Gate Drivers

  • Drive enhancement-mode GaN FETs
  • Half-bridge topology

Isolated Power Modules

  • Single output
  • Multi-output

DC/DC Controllers (external FET)

Single-Ended Controllers (<200W)

  • General purpose & flyback PWM controllers
  • Synchronous rectifier controllers
  • Power supply support
  • Active clamp forward PWM controllers

Double-Ended Controllers (>200W)

  • Intermediate bus PWM controllers
  • Resonant-transition controllers
  • Push-pull / half-bridge / full bridge PWM controllers
  • Phase-shifted full-bridge PWM controllers
  • Digital power controllers

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