MicroSiP™ and MicroSiL DC/DC Power Modules

  • Smallest solution size
  • High power density
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High efficiency

What are MicroSiP and MicroSiL power modules?

MicroSiP power modules combine high performance, ease-of-use, and all external components into a small solution size with 1-mm thickness. Using System-in-Package (SiP) technology, the modules integrate IC and passive components (capacitor and inductor) in a single device with a BGA format. The IC is embedded inside the PCB, and the passives components are mounted on top. Similar to MicroSiP, MicroSiL modules use the same System-in-Package technology, but only integrate the inductor. MicroSiL modules are available in a package similar to QFN.

Smallest, high power density solutions

Smallest, high power density solutions
  • Smallest solution sizes with >40% board space savings
  • Fully integrated MicroSiP modules that eliminate the need for passive components
  • MicroSiL modules with integrated inductor up to 3A and 17V
  • Up to 95% efficiency over the complete load range

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Powerful and intuitive design tools

Powerful and intuitive design tools

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Expert technical support

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