System Protection and Power Management Solutions with PMBus

Complete system protection and management solutions from Texas Instruments deliver high system reliability and precision telemetry. System protection and management products— commonly referred to as hot swaps, electronic fuses, and circuit breakers — maximize long-term reliability and robustness by providing accurate digital telemetry and fast analog protection and control. The portfolio provides both current and power limiting which dynamically adjusts the current limit at large VDS to ensure the MOSFET stays in the Safe Operating Area (SOA). The new family of intelligent hot swap devices feature system diagnostic and telemetry reporting which enables the system to take immediate action to control or optimize power delivery. TI's portfolio of OR-ing FET controllers allows MOSFETs to replace diode rectifiers in power distribution networks and reduce both power loss and voltage drops while providing best-in-class reverse current protection.

Power Limiting Protection

To ensure system reliability, MOSFET drivers must operate within the Safe Operating Area (SOA) in order to avoid FET failure (see graph at right). Most hot swap controllers control only the current, but when the FET is turning on, the voltage across it can still be large and the power through the FET can cause it to exceed its SOA curve unless the design accounts to over-size the FET, which adds both cost and size. TI's hot swap controllers provide both current and power limiting to dynamically adjust the current limit at large VDS and ensure the MOSFET stays in the SOA at all conditions. This technique enables the use of smaller and lower cost MOSFETs.

New System Protection Products

  • LM25066I/A – System Power Management and Protection ICs with PMBus Interface
  • LM5056 – System Power Measurement IC with PMBus Interface
  • LM5064/66 – Negative and Postive High-Voltage System Power Management and Protection ICs with PMBus

TI's Current and Power Limiting Protection

System Protection and Management Portfolio

Key Features of System Protection Products

  • Integrated or external MOSFETs
  • Current limiting
  • Power limiting with fast overload protection
  • Programmable fault timer
  • Analog load current monitor
  • Integrated Digital Current, Voltage, and Power Monitor
  • Dual power path circuit protection and ORing control

Key Applications

  • Hard disk drives
  • RAID storage systems
  • Industrial
  • Portable Devices
  • LCD TVs
  • Printers
  • Set top boxes
  • Notebook and desktop PCs
  • General purpose USB
  • MicroTCA™ power modules
  • Advanced MC™ slots


  • Networking equipment
  • Telecom gear
  • Server backplanes
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Medical systems
  • Plug-in Modules
  • Base stations
  • Central office switching
  • -48V distributed power systems
  • ATCA carrier boards
  • Lead Acid Battery-based systems


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