Wide VIN DC/DC Power Solutions

  • Increased protection against input transients
  • High power density with large conversion ratios
  • Scalability to fit a wide variety of applications

Increased power density and reliability for systems requiring maximum operating voltages ≥ 30 V

Texas Instruments provides the industry's most comprehensive wide input voltage range DC/DC regulator portfolio for today's most demanding systems. With operating voltages of up to 100 V, TI's wide vIN portfolio of DC/DC converters, controllers, modules, LDOs, and FETs, eliminates input protection components to reduce cost and solution size without sacrificing reliability or performance.

When designing DC/DC power supplies for the rugged environments of industrial, automotive, or communications infrastructure markets, rely on TI for easy to use, high-density wide input voltage regulation.

Wide Vin Converters
  • Buck, boost, and buck-boost topologies supported
  • Integrated FETs up to 100 V
  • Supports high step-down ratios
  • Fly-Buck™ support for isolated and multi-output bias supplies
Wide Vin Controllers
  • Buck, boost, and buck-boost topologies supported
  • Operation up to 100 V
  • Support for loads up to 20 A per phase
  • Constant frequency operation
Wide Vin Multirail
  • Converter, controller, and LDO device types supported
  • Operation up to 65 V
  • As many as 4 outputs from a single IC
Wide Vin Power Modules
  • Complete power solution
  • Superior EMI performance
  • Operates to 85 C, no airflow
Wide Vin Linear Regulators
  • Low noise and fast transient response
  • Wide 2.7 V to 100 V input voltage range
  • Output current up to 1 A
Wide Vin NexFET power mosfet
  • Optimized for DC/DC conversion with low RDSON and gate charge
  • 60 V and 100 V NexFET pairs provide best-in-class performance for DC/DC conversion

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