Wide VIN Power Solutions

  • Increased protection against input transients
  • High power density with large conversion ratios
  • Scalability to fit a wide variety of applications

Wide VIN technical documents

Browse key application notes, white papers, and articles to assist with your wide input voltage power supply design.

Featured selection guides

Wide VIN DC/DC Power Solutions

Find the ideal Wide VIN product for your next design

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Wide VIN Power Solutions for Industrial Automation

Find the ideal Wide VIN product for your next industrial design

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Automotive Wide VIN DC/DC Power Solutions for Emerging Applications

Find the ideal Wide VIN product for your next automotive design

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Featured white papers and application notes

Linear power for automated industrial systems

Learn more about designing a robust power management system for industrial automated equipment

Download (PDF, 1.80MB)

Valuing wide VIN, low EMI synchronous buck circuits

Learn how TI’s Wide VIN synchronous buck converters reduce total solution cost and time-to-market

Download (PDF, 2.74MB)

Buck regulator topologies for wide input/output voltage differentials

Discover the best control modes for Wide VIN regulator ICs

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Wide VIN Power White Paper

Learn how TI's Wide VIN ICs can optimize your next design

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