Wide VIN Power Solutions

  • Increased protection against input transients
  • High power density with large conversion ratios
  • Scalability to fit a wide variety of applications

Design tools for Wide VIN devices

TI simplifies the design process with resources and tools such as a wide selection of EVMs, reference designs, application notes and WEBENCH designer tools to get you to market faster.

Featured reference designs

15V to 60V Wide Input Four-Output SIMPLE SWITCHER® Reference Design Using LM46002 and LMZ21701

This reference design demonstrates the wide input voltage capability and small solution size of the LM46002 SIMPLE SWITCHER Synchronous Buck Converter and the LMZ21701 SIMPLE SWITCHER Nano Module.

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PMP10618 Board Image

Adding an LDO for Increased Standby Mode Efficiency Reference Design

This regulation topology is designed to increase the efficiency of a DC/DC buck converter by disabling the converter during light-load operation and providing a regulated output voltage with a low-Iq LDO.

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TIDA-00393 Diagram

Space-Optimized DC/DC Inverting Power Module Reference Design with Minimal BOM Count

The TIDA-00808 is a simple DC/DC inverting power supply reference design for industrial applications. It takes a wide input voltage between 4.5V and 55V and generates a negative 5V @ 1.75A output with 86% peak efficiency.

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TIDA-00808 Diagram

Automotive Off-Battery Infotainment Processor Power Reference Design

The TIDA-00801 reference design is a full off-battery to point of load power solution supporting input voltages as low as 2V.

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automotive radar diagram example

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