Wide VIN Power Solutions

  • Increased protection against input transients
  • High power density with large conversion ratios
  • Scalability to fit a wide variety of applications

Design tools for Wide VIN devices

TI simplifies the design process with resources and tools such as a wide selection of EVMs, reference designs, application notes and WEBENCH designer tools to get you to market faster.

Featured reference designs

CISPR-22 EMI-Optimized Reference Design Featuring the LMR16030 DC/DC Buck Converter

The PMP15013 reference design is a 5V/3A output power supply using the LMR16030 DC/DC buck regulator. This design uses a 4-layer board and is intended for industrial applications with a 24V input bus.

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PMP15013 Board Image

280W Automotive Dual-Phase Synchronous Buck Reference Design with 24VDC Input, 12VDC Output

This 280W two phase synchronous buck converter for automotive applications is designed for a nominal input voltage of 24V to 28V with support for cranking (down to 18V) and load dump < 58V. It provides up to 20A output current at an output voltage of 12 to 14V, which can be set externally through a trimmer.

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PMP30168 board

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor with IO-Link Reference Design

This reference design features an ultrasonic distance sensor that fits in a M12 housing due to its high integration and an optimized layout. The design offers an IO-Link interface to communicate with the system control, which makes it industry 4.0 ready.

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TIDA-01386 board

Automotive Off-Battery Infotainment Processor Power Reference Design

This automotive pre-boost reference design has a nominal input voltage range of 2.7V to 10.5V and provides 10.5V @ 3.0A during cranking. It can withstand peak voltages up to 32.0V.

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