World’s first single-chip digital IR MEMS temperature sensor

Enables contactless temperature measurement in portable and consumer electronic applications

Developed through TI’s expertise in MEMS technology, the TMP006 is the first of a new class of ultra-small, low power, and low cost passive infrared temperature sensors. It has 90% lower power consumption and is more than 95% smaller than existing solutions, making contactless temperature measurement possible in completely new markets and applications.

Key features and benefits

  • Complete single-chip digital solution, including integrated MEMS thermopile sensor, signal conditioning, ADC and local temperature reference
  • The first thermopile designed for portable applications, thanks to an ultra-thin (0.625 max) profile
  • Low power design extends the life of battery powered applications
  • IR MEMS temperature sensor
  • IR spectrum sensitivity: 4μm – 8μm
  • 16-bit ADC with I2C SMBus interface
  • Integrated local temperature and voltage range
Measurement Range
  • Local temperature sensor: -40° to 125°C (+/- 0.5°C)
  • Passive IR sensor: -40° to 125°C (+/- 1°C)
  • Quiescent power: 240µA
  • Shutdown power: 1µA
  • Supply: 2.4V to 5.5V
Package 1.6x1.6mm WCSP (0.625mm profile)
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TMP006 Functional Block Diagram

TMP006 Block Diagram

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TMP006 Principle of Operation

TMP006 Principle of Operation

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Example Case Uses

Tablet/ Notebook Case Temperature Measurement

Contactless Temperature Measurement:
Sensor is placed on the PCB and reads the passive IR (PIR) energy of the case to determine the temperature.

Benefits: Easy to build and accounts for outside environment > Improves safety and performance

Portable Temperature Measurement

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Consumer Electronics: Improves performance and safety. Enables new user applications.
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Notebooks
Energy/Industrial/Communications: Enables smaller and lower power products.
  • Thermostats/HVAC
  • NDIR: CO2 gas detection
  • Metering
  • Food & medical safety
  • Power supplies & power amplifiers


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