Step-Down (Buck) Converter with DCS-Control™ Topology

  • TPS62175 DCS-Control topology step-down converter -
  • TPS61230 DC-DC Boost Converter -
  • TSP82740 MicroSip DC-DC step-down module -
  • TPS62740 Preserve the life of your battery -

As battery-powered, industrial and personal electronics applications become more feature-rich, achieving longer battery life and application run time pose serious challenges for designers. The low-power DC/DC converter family with DCS-Control™ topology extends the operating life of these applications, while still delivering the highest performance over the entire load. The products' small packaging also reduces size and BOM costs.

  • Flexible, cost-effective buck converters work with many applications
  • Small packages for small form factor designs
  • Meets high efficiency and performance requirements battery-powered and IoT applications
  • Consume the lowest power in standby and idle mode
  • Provide high efficiency at very low current levels
  • Ideal for wearables, portable medical, IoT and smart meter applications
  • Deliver high output voltage current to many processors, such as Intel’s Skylake™
  • Robust architecture for next-generation smartphones, tablets and notebooks, industrial and wearable devices
  • Multiple safety features enabling seamless system integration

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