Step-Down (Buck) Converter with DCS-Control™ Topology

DCS-Control™ topology in TPS621x converters

Application designers face challenges with increasing peak power demands. They need to achieve high efficiency over the entire load range without sacrificing DC output accuracy. The low-power TPS621x DC/DC converter family from Texas Instruments with DCS-Control™ topology solves these problems. The family uses this topology to deliver high performance efficiency over the entire load using the lowest operating power in 2-mm x 2-mm and 3-mm x -3mm package sizes.

The DCS-Control™ architecture (Direct Control with Seamless Transition into Power Save Mode) is an advanced regulation topology that combines hysteretic, voltage and current mode control. The topology supports pulse width modulation (PWM) for medium and heavy load conditions and has a Power Save Mode to maintain high efficiency at light load operation. It also avoids increased voltage ripple and random jitter by seamlessly transitioning between PWM and Power Save Modes.

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