Industry's First Single-Chip Front-End PMU for 2-3 Cells in Series
– Making next generations tablets and ultrabooks thinner and more efficient –

The TPS65090 Power Management Unit (PMU) is an all-in-one front-end PMU that integrates complete charging and DC/DC pre-regulation for battery powered applications using 2-3 cells in series and targeting next generation ARM® Cortex A9 and A15 processors. The TPS65090 PMU is focused on extending battery life, simplifying your design and decreasing material costs.

Customer Benefits:

  • Increase battery run time by 10-20%
  • Lower PCB costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce total solution size by 60%
  • Control power to sub-systems
  • Designed for all processors

Key Product Features:

  • 4-A switching charger with integrated FET
  • 3 step-down converters for DC/DC pre-regulation
  • 7 load switches for independently controlling major subsystems (camera, backlight, LTE modem, etc.)
  • 2 always-on LDOs
  • 16 Channel 10Bit A/D Converter
  • I2C

Tablet and eBook System Block Diagram

TI has a broad product portfolio that can deliver the performance and efficiency needed to distinguish your tablet and eBook designs.

The following tablet diagram features the TPS65090 front-end PMU, along with wireless connectivity, processors, video, audio, touch screen controllers and power management solutions, to help streamline your design.

Tablet Application Diagram
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TI PMU Solutions

The TPS65K family of Power Management Units (PMUs) – also called PMICs – offers complete power solutions for portable applications. TI offers front-end PMUs (charger plus additional portable functions), processor PMUs powering the latest ARM Cortex A9 and A15 processors, and general-purpuse PMUs for industrial based applications.

PMUs integrate high-efficiency DC/DC converters and LDOs for the processor core, I/O, memory and other voltages. Also available are integrated functions such as a battery charger (linear or switching), flash and WLED backlighting, ADCs, touch-screen controller, audio codec and a USB 2.0 PHY. TI’s SmartReflex™ technology and dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) can significantly extend battery life by adjusting the output voltages to match the required performance.

Featured TI Tablet Solutions

Device Description
Battery Management Solutions
bq24715 NVDC charger, 2-3s, SMBus, 6-24Vin
bq3050 SBS 1.1-compliant 2S to 4S battery gas gauge and protection
Processor Power Solutions
TPS65914 Cortex A15 PMU wiith multiphase DCDC converters
TPS650380 miniPMU with 3 DC/DC Converters for Application Processors
TPS62387A 8.2-A application processor supply with I2C compatible interface
WLED Backlighting and Camera Flash
LP8556 WLED with adaptive dimming and CABC
LM3556 1.5-A inductive WLED flash driver
TPS65630A AMOLED 10’’ driver
DC/DC Converters (Integrated Switch)
TPS81256 High-efficiency boost converter in MicroSiP™ package
TPS63060 12-VIN 1.2-A wide VIN buck-boost
ACDC power
UCC28710 Constant-Voltage, Constant-Current PWM Controller
Haptic Drivers
DRV2605 ERM/LRE haptic driver with Immersion library (royalty-free)
DRV2665 Piezo Haptic Driver with Integrated Boost and Digital Front End
RF Power Amplifier DC/DC Power
LM3269 RFPA buck-boost for powering 3G/4G PA
Touch Screen Controllers
TSC2020 Multi-touch resistive touch-screen controller
TSC3060 Multi-touch capacitive controller, industry’s lowest power
Audio Codecs, DACs and Amplifiers
TLV320AIC3262 Stereo audio codec with mini-DSP and Class-D stereo amp
TPA2080D1 Class DG boosted speaker amp
SN65DSI83/84/85 MIPI-DSI to LVDS-Flatlink interface
TUSB8040A USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub 
Temperature Sensors
TMP006 Infrared thermopile sensor in ultra-small chipscale package 
MSP430F5528 Ultra Low-power MSP430 Sensor hub with USB
WL1897 WiLink™-8 wireless connectivity

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