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International CES 2013
January 8-11

Imagine gesture- and speech-driven user interfaces that transform cars into portable command centers for entertainment and information, with instant-on connectivity and adaptive safety technologies. TI is developing the analog, sensors, embedded analytics, processors and other technology that enhances automotive safety while making the driving experience more informative and fun. TI innovation is also enabling automakers to improve system efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of automobiles.

You'll experience key TI automotive technologies in the TI Village at CES. From front and rear seat infotainment, park assist and electric power steering, to object detection, E-Call and driver assist products, see how TI customers are engineering the future of automotive, today.

automotive demos at CES

automotive news

  • QNX CAR 2 in-vehicle showcase, powered by DLP® technology, and the OMAP™ 5 and Jacinto processors; including a future-center-stack demonstrating key technologies from across TI
  • Automotive black box: records what is happening in the event of an accident so the driver has proof of what has happened
  • DLP rear seat entertainment: surround view is sharper than ever when TI's automotive vision processors are paired with FPD Link technology
  • Ultrasonic park assist demo using PGA450 offers market leading performance and flexibility for park assist applications
  • TI's system solution for infotainment, instrument cluster and digital radio; telematics and emergency call (E-Call)
  • Automotive EVM demonstrating a power solution for wireless charging
  • In-car Wireless Entertainment showcasing the capability of WiLink™ 8.0 connectivity solutions

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TI products in action

Embedded Processing
Analog, Signal Chain and Interface