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The same powerful technology behind award winning DLP Cinema® projection can be used in the automobile for compelling, high-brightness, interactive display systems to enhance the driving experience. Automotive applications include Head-Up Display (HUD) systems, touch screen center consoles, and dynamic headlight controls. The proven reliability of DLP technology provides the sound foundation for these new and exciting frontiers.


DLP technology enables augmented reality head-up displays that offer clarity, high brightness, wide field of view and the flexibility to increase the virtual image distance, all in the driver's natural line of sight.

Head Lights

Dynamic headlights using DLP technology provide high resolution, glare-free high beams. DLP is efficient and scalable, while still providing greater control of light beams for improved observation distance and safety in low light conditions.

Center Console

DLP digital interactive display enable multipoint, touchscreen interactivity across the entire surface of the display, scalability to any size and shape, including multi-axis curvature, and tactile familiarity via physical dials and buttons directly on the screen.

Navigating the automobile with DLP technology

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