C553x Ultra-Low-Power DSPs

Imagine what you could do with a $2 DSP. You could finally add sophisticated signal processing power to audio and voice applications such as headsets, speakers, smart phone audio accessories and intelligence to your sensor applications at an unprecedented price.

TMS320C553x ultra-low-power DSP generation featuring the lowest power and lowest cost DSP in the industry, starting at $1.95/1 ku, are now available to enable you to do that and much more. Offering the industry's lowest power with active power less than 0.15 mW/MHz at 1.05V and standby power less than 0.15 mW, these highly integrated processors enable developers to get DSP sophistication at a microcontroller price and power consumption.

Features and benefits

  • Four devices- C5532, C5533, C5534 and C5535, each with 50MHz and 100 MHz performance options enable math-intensive algorithms and the ability to run numerically-precise, low-cost, ultra-low-power applications
  • Industry’s lowest total power DSP with total active core power at less than 0.15 mW/MHz at 1.05V and standby power at less than 0.15 mW – up to 6 times lower power consumption than the nearest competition
  • 0.8mm BGA package allows use of four-layer printed circuit board (PCB) to reduce overall system cost
  • Integrated high-speed peripherals: USB 2.0 with PHY, SD/eMMC, I2S, UART, SPI, GPIO
  • On-chip memory options ranging from 64 KB to 320 KB for scalability according to application needs
  • Up to 1024-point programmable fast Fourier transform (FFT) co-processor
  • LCD display controller and 10-bit, four-channel successive approximation (SAR) ADC for intuitive interface
  • 1-3 low-dropout regulators (LDOs) enable integrated power management

TMS320C553x Devices

Device Speed
Peripheral Differences Memory Co-Processor Integrated Power Management Starting Price
(1 ku)
Datasheet Samples
Product DetailsTMS320C5532 50MHz @ 1.05V
100MHz @ 1.3V
  64 KB   1 LDO $1.95 Download DatasheetDownload  
Product DetailsTMS320C5533 50MHz @ 1.05V
100MHz @ 1.3V
USB 128 KB   2 LDOs $2.80 Download DatasheetDownload  
Product DetailsTMS320C5534
50MHz @ 1.05V
100MHz @ 1.3V
USB 256 KB   3 LDOs $3.75 Download DatasheetDownload  
Product DetailsTMS320C5535
50MHz @ 1.05V
100MHz @ 1.3V
USB, LCD, SAR ADC 320 KB FFT 3 LDOs $4.70 Download DatasheetDownload Order


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Comparison of low cost DSPs

  TI's C553x Nearest
  • Lowest Cost DSP
  • Lowest Cost Tool
  • 6x Lower Standby (<0.15mW)
  • 2x Lower Active (0.15mW/MHz)
Raw MIPs Performance  
  • With only 32kB Program RAM
  • High-Speed USB 2.0
  • LDOs
  • eMMC/SD
  • Up to 320kB RAM
Full Solution Offering
  • Free USB Audio Class SW including
  • Out-of-the-Box Eval Kit Demo

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